PC Meeting Minutes – Monday 14th December 2016


Present: Mr Prince; Mr Dinsdale, Mr Dalton, Mrs Glasse, Mrs Webster, Mrs Handley and Mr Tebbit.

Apologies: Mrs Hoar, Mrs Pritchard

The minutes of the full Parish Council on 2nd November and the Planning Minutes of 16th and 30th November 2015 were approved as correct.

Open Forum for Public Participation

Mr Nicholson informed the meeting he had received a letter from Carter Jonas acting as agents on behalf of Winrose Farm. The letter stated that there was no public access onto Watlands, Mr Nicholson had thought there was open access to the site as stated in Tailcorn.

Mr Tebbit clarified by saying that Winrose Farm, formerly Fives Gables Farm had instructed the agents to write to residents. There is public access to the field for dog walking and public access to the orchard but this public access does not allow gates to be added to personal property to allow their own private access.

Miss Sach thanked the Clerk for the speed in which she had managed to have the phone box light fixed.

Miss Sach also reported that nothing had been done about the hedge in Lowfields, following discussion with the owner by the Clerk and Chair earlier in the year. It was agreed that no further action would be taken until next Autumn. It would however be mentioned at the Little Eversden Parish meeting so that residents were aware of the situation if it were coppiced in the near future.

It was reported that the Eversden Car Scheme did not currently have many volunteers despite it being advertised in Tailcorn. It was agreed to add it to the agenda for the next meeting for further discussion and ideas on how to promote the scheme.

Mr Prince thanked Mr Tebbit for arranging for the hedge in Bucks Lane to be cut back to allow football traffic to park.

There were no Declarations of Interest.

Matters Arising

Speedwatch – Harlton Parish Council are due to meet on 12th January and will decide whether they would like to share the cost of the speedwatch equipment.

War Memorial – The Clerk confirmed that Andrew Cook from F W Cook had agreed to undertake the work to the war memorial under the initial quotation and will undertake the work in the Spring. £1,000 has been set aside in the budget.

WEEE Recycling – The company had requested a further collection on 27th January but for a nil rebate due to a drop in scrap material value. The Council agreed to the collection on the proviso that the outstanding payment from August of £140.36 has been settled by this time.

OSP 148 Update – Mr Tebbit reported that the Officers recommendation had been accepted and we would get the onsite provision outlined, however no further S106 money would be forthcoming as the scale of development did not warrant offsite provision. The Decision Notice has also been issued.

Mrs Webster asked if the Government Right to Buy Scheme would affect the development, Cllr Kindersley, in attendance, said that as long as enough social landlords came forward the scheme should not be affected.

Flooding on Wimpole Road – Mr Tebbit reported that despite letters and a meeting with two residents in Wimpole Road no flood alleviation work had been carried out. SCDC Flood Asset Team are supportive of Parish Council, therefore Mr Tebbit will once again pursue the riparian owners to take responsibility.

At the last meeting we agreed there would be no nominations for volunteers for the salt spreading. Mr Prince asked if SCDC would still fill the bins if there were no qualified spreaders, the Clerk will clarify.

Councillors Report

Cllr Kindersley reported that hearings will resume on the local plan now SCDC and Cambridge City Council have now agreed proposed modifications for consultation following the additional work carried out on the two Local Plans to address issues raised by the Government Inspectors examining the plans.

The findings of the extra work commissioned by the two councils have confirmed the strategy to deliver growth through new towns and villages and protecting the green belt is the right plan for the Greater Cambridge area.

Regarding the City Deal they have called for more imaginative ways in which to spend the money, one suggestion is a rail link from Haverhill through the business parks via Abington to Cambridge and out to St Neots.

Despite recent reports Cllr Kindersley was hopeful that mobile libraries would not need to be cut.


We have received information about a grant system in place for free defibrillators. One of the requirements of the application was that approx. 10 members of the community were trained. Several members of the Parish Council were prepared to be trained and it was felt that those using the football pitches would be willing. It was therefore agreed that the Clerk would proceed with the application.

Connections Bus

We had received notification from the Project Manager of the bus that we would incur a 1% increase in the cost of the bus for 2016/2017, therefore £252.50 per session. The fee is calculated n the basis that we book the same number of sessions as this current financial year and assumes that at least 7 villages continue to use the services. It was agreed to include £9k in the 2016/2017 budget for the bus.

2016/2017 Precept and Budget

The Clerk circulated the accounts from all the Village groups for information and a copy of the draft budget.

Many of the figures were discussed and clarified and it was agreed that the Clerk would produce an updated version based on the discussion and circulate to the Council with a view to agreeing the precept at the 18th January meeting.


Cambridge Insitu                                   £23.70             LGA 1976 s.19

Balens – Handbell Insurance              £122.51           LGA 1972 s.111

Cambridgeshire ACRE Renewal          £54.00             LGA 1972 143(1)


The Clerk circulated correspondence received regarding the Boundary Review as well as the table of correspondence received via email.   Mr Tebbit circulated a Christmas card received from Heidi Allen MP.

Next Meetings

Planning on 4th January 2016, if required and, Monday 18th January 2016 for Full Parish Council meeting.

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