Bell Ringing

St Helen’s Church in Little Eversden had its tower restored in about 2006 with the result that it became strong enough to allow the restoration of the four existing bells and the addition of two more all mounted in a steel frame lower down in the tower than before.
The bells are hung for full-circle ringing as they were before. However, they were last rung this way towards the end of the nineteenth century. Ringing them again in 2007 after more than a century was a rather special occasion.

Since then a group of ringers have met every Monday evening at 6.30 pm – 8pm to learn how to ring them in the English way meaning change ringing where the idea is to ring all the possible combination of the six bells without repeating any of them.

A typical practice will attract anything from six ringers up to seventeen, lasts about an hour and a half and both newcomers and old hands are always welcome.

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