Planning Minutes:6/10/21

Minutes of Planning meeting held on Wednesday 6th October 2021 at 8 pm at the Village Hall

1. Apologies for Absence: Cllr Sue Glasse, Cllr Cathie Mallows, Cllr Mike Oliver, Cllr Chris Brown

2. Declarations of interest; Cllr Dinsdale declared a conflict of interest with item 3

3. Planning
Reference: S/3450/16/FL
10 new affordable houses on land to the North of Church Street Gt Eversden known as OSP 148
We were re-consulting following receipt of revised drawings as follows:
Existing Site Plan, Proposed Site Plan, Proposed Waste Strategy & Proposed Boundary Treatments

Cllr Prince commented that he thought the proposed and existing site plans were identical to previous plan submissions from 2016.

The proposed Waste strategy seemed concern the movement of rubbish bins on the development.

The Council had no comment on the waste treatment proposals.
Boundary treatment – the new boundary treatment shows us proposed property fences going up to the hedge rather than up to the property boundary as before. A neighbour to this site informed us that 2 neighbouring properties have part of their land included in these plans, they are therefore meeting with SCDC next week to resolve this issue. Cllr Edwards suggested that we add comments about this in our submission.

It was asked why the roadside hedging seemed to be all being removed and replanted. It was believed this was due to sight lines for vehicles exiting the site and was to be replanted further into the site. It was asked if as much of the attractive existing roadside hedge could be preserved even if that included reducing the height substantially.

The vote was 2 opposed, 1 no recommendation, and 2 in support . The vote was therefore recorded as No Recommendation.

The council wanted the following comments added to our submission
Firstly ; Neighbours informed us that 2 neighbouring properties have had part of their land included in these plans. The Council are very concerned that land may have been included that the development does not own. In addition, we are informed by a neighbour that the diagram of the existing hedgerow is not accurate.

Secondly; The Council asks that as much of the attractive existing roadside hedge could be preserved even if that included reducing the height substantially.”
Both of these comments received unanimous support

An aside; a member of the public informed the meeting that having spoken to a geological expert that ground source heating was entirely possible on this site. The council were unanimously in favour of ground source heating.

4. Reference: 21/03774/PRIOR
Proposal: Change of use from storage and distribution (Class B8) to dwelling house (Class C3)
Site address: Store and Premises as much of the attractive existing roadside hedge could be preserved even if that included reducing the height substantially.9 Chapel Road Great Eversden
The vote was 2 for No recommendation and 4 votes for Support. The result is a vote to support the application with the following comment to be attached to our submission “that we support the application subject to consideration of light spill from the large glazing as the site is currently dark”.

5. There were no planning applications received after publication of agenda.

6. Response to HM Governments Ox Cam Arc consultation. The closing date for a response is Tuesday 12th October.

The overall view of the Council was the that the arc development was overdevelopment and an environmental catastrophe for the Eversdens and that the Council response to the consultation should reflect this in our answers. It was agreed that not every section of the vast response form needed to be completed by the Council.

It was agreed that Cllr Prince would be nominated to complete on behalf of the council. the vote was unanimous. Cllr Prince would try and consult with other councillors before submitting. Cllr Prince would also try to complete by Saturday midday.

Meeting was closed at 20.40 pm

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