Planning Minutes – Monday 14th November 2016

Minutes of Planning Meeting held in the Pavilion on Monday 14th November 2016 at 8 pm

1. Apologies for Absence were received and accepted from Ms Alexander and Dr Sinnett-Smith.

2. There were no declarations of interest.

3. S/2850/16/FL
Two storey front and rear extension to provide additional accommodation. Revised design following withdrawal of previous application ref S/0720/16/FL
49 Harlton Road, Little Eversden, Cambridge, CB23 1HD
Mr & Mrs Phil and Lisa Bicheno

Mr Bicheno Senior and Junior attended the meeting to answer any questions raised. The previous set of plans had been withdrawn due to concerns by SCDC. Mr Bicheno felt the current plans were better and the site was in need of modernization.

Mr Clark, in the neighbouring property, had informed Mr Bicheno that he felt it overshadowed and overlooked his property and would object. The Parish Council had not received any correspondence from Mr Clark.

The Parish Council RESOLVED to respond NO RECOMMENDATION.

The Chair closed the meeting at 8:12 pm.

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