PC Minutes – Monday 16th October 2017

Present:, Mr Clive Dalton, Mrs Sue Glasse, Mrs Carol Handley, Ms Kieran O’Callaghan, Mr Steve Dinsdale, Mrs Cathie Mallows, Mr Stephen Watterson, and, in the Chair, Mr Matt Prince

  1. Apologies for Absence were received and accepted from Dr Sinnett-Smith.

2. Open Forum for Public Participation (10 minutes)

Mr Tebbit drew to the Council’s attention the issue of dogs running loose in the Village, in particular on land with sheep in the fields and more dangerously across roads.  Mr Tebbit had contacted the Dog Warden direct and if the breed is not banned there is nothing they will do.  Mr Tebbit asked that the conversation be minuted as owners needed to be aware that if the dogs caused a road traffic accident the owner is liable in the first instance.  It was RESOLVED to raise awaireness via Tailcorn and Eversden online.  Cllr Joseph suggested contact with the RSPCA, the Clerk will action.

Mr Mallows informed the Council that the Recreation Ground Committee had requested that the ditch alongside the recreation ground be piped.  This had been rejected by SCDC due to a flooding issue.  The ditch should be cleaned out annually to ensure the flow of water however due to digging out this has weakened the bank and the hedge is now falling over due to the subsiding ditch.  It was RESOLVED that the Clerk would contact SCDC see if the issue could be resolved.

It was reported that the water pump in Little Eversden is falling over. Following discussion it was RESOLVED that the Council would see if a cost amount could be allocated to repair in next years Precept.

To approve minutes of Monday 4th September 2017; Mr Dalton proposed and seconded by Mrs Glasse. Planning minutes of Monday 18th September 2017, proposed by Mrs Mallows and seconded by Mrs Glasse.

Declarations of Interest

Mrs Glasse declared a no-pecuniary interest in the Recreation Ground and Mr Dalton for the Village Hall.

Matters Arising & Clerks Update

A603 Update: Mr Dinsdale informed the meeting that a joint LHI bid with Harlton had been submitted.

Purchase of Arnold Baker: The Clerk has ordered the new edition.

Village Hall; Recreation Ground: Parish Council: The Way Forward

Following an invite from the Parish Council both the Recreation Ground and the Village Hall Committee attended the meeting.

All sides participated in a lengthy discussion surrounding the way forward with the new Pavilion and involving the village in the decision making.

Actions from the meetings are as follows:

  • The Clerk will investigate whether S106 money can be used to fund having drawings turned into CAD drawings to submit to planning;
  •  The Clerk, Mrs Mallows and Dr Sinnett-Smith will meet in the near future to draw up a questionnaire to the whole village.
  • The Village Hall Committee and Recreation Ground will submit questions to the Clerk to include in the questionnaire by the end of the week.
  • The next Recreation Committee is 2nd November at 7:30 pm, which the Chair will attend.

Appointment of Advertised Casual Vacancy

Two nominations were received for the current vacancy, Mr Tom Smith and Mr Yogendra Parmar.  Following a vote by the Council, Mr Parmar was elected through majority vote.  The Clerk will contact Mr Parmar.

Footpath 15

Mr Dalton requested this item on the agenda.  The copse has grown up and needs cutting back badly. The Clerk will contact the Pritchards to ascertain ownership.

Connections Bus Attendance

The Clerk had circulated attendance figures for the last 3 years.  The showed a steady decrease in numbers.  It was RESOLVED that the Clerk would contact the Connections Bus to see if they could change either the date or time of the visit, pointing out if this was not possible we may have to look again at the provision.  It was also agreed that the Clerk would find out if we could start a capital fund with the money precepted for the Bus if we were to cancel.  It would return to the November agenda.

2018 Meeting Dates

The dates for 2018 had been circulated prior to the meeting.  Mr Dalton proposed that we accept the dates and this was seconded by Mr Dinsdale.  It was RESOLVED the dates would be published.

Flood Plan

It was agreed that the Clerk would speak to Dr Sinnett-Smith to include a section on flooding in the Emergency Plan.


44 Wimpole Road, Great Eversden
Mr & Mrs Alberry-King

Mr Watterson recommeded a proposal of “No Recommendation”, seconded by Mr Dinsdale and unanimously agreed upon as there were no plans available to view either in hard copy or online.


J Sutton £50.00  POA1957 s.51
PKF Littlejohn LGA £240.00  LGA 1972 s.111
Clerks Salary £455.80  LGA 1972 s.112(2)

Correspondence: No further correspondence received other than already circulated.

Report from County and District Councillors

Cllr Cattermole was not in attendance. Cllr Josephs report is circulated online.

Next Meetings: Planning, if required, Monday 30th October 2017; 13th November 2017 and Full Council meeting on Monday 27th November 2017

The Chair closed the meeting at 9.38 pm



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