Planning Minutes: Monday 30th November 2015



Present: Mr Dalton, Mr Dinsdale, Mrs Glasse, Mrs Handley, Mrs Hoar, Mr Prince, Mrs Webster and, in the Chair, Mr Tebbit.

Apologies: Ms O’Callaghan and Mrs Pritchard


Single Storey Extension to dwelling

46 High Street, Great Eversden, Cambridge, CB23 1HW

Miss Helen Tebbit

As Mr Tebbit had a personal interest in the application Mrs Handley chaired this item of the agenda. Mr Tebbit was asked to clarify if the building was listed, he confirmed it was not.

After discussion of the plans Mr Dinsdale motioned to “Approve” the plans with no comments. The Council voted unanimously to accept this motion.


Site known as OSP148, Church Street, Great Eversden

Representation at Planning Committee on 2nd December 2015

The Clerk received a letter dated 23rd November notifying the Council that OSP 148 would be discussed at Planning Committee on Wednesday 2nd December. As approval had already been granted in March we enquired as to the subject of discussion. SCDC confirmed that the meeting was to approve the S106/CIL aspect of the application. Completion of the S106 legal agreement would secure the houses as an affordable development.

On inspection of the agenda it became clear that the letter sent by the us to Mr Fillmore, following the meeting to discuss how to spend any proposed S106 money was included in the paperwork for the meeting.

As Mr Prince had attended the latest S106 meeting at SCDC Mr Tebbit recommended that both he and Mr Prince should attend on Wednesday 2nd December and speak, if necessary, in support off the Planning Officers’ recommendations.

This recommendation was approved by 6 members of the Council and one absention.

Mrs Webster raised a further question regarding an Appendix to be agreed at the meeting, which had been added that morning, regarding Mortgagee in Possession.   It was agreed that the Clerk would clarify what this meant with Cllr Kindersley immediately after the meeting and feedback to the Parish Council on Tuesday morning and contact Beverley Hill at Accent Nene if necessary.


Correspondence re 23 High Street, Little Eversden

The Clerk had received a letter from a resident of Finch’s Field whose property was adjacent to 23 High Street. The resident is a Arboricultural Consultant and had noticed a semi mature wild service tree, which is of high amenity value and has a rare distribution within the British Isles.  He was informed by the Contract Manager that the tree was covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). However several days later he discovered that that excavation works have taken place beside the wild service tree firmly within its root protection area. In addition several cut branches have appeared at the base of the tree.

The resident had written to the Trees and Landscapes Department at SCDC and copied to us.

The Clerk had copied to Paul Sexton as Planning Officer for the development.

It was agreed that the Clerk would acknowledge receipt of the email and inform the resident that we thoroughly support his letter and also write to SCDC with the same message.


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