Parish Council Meeting: Monday 24th July 2017

ALL MEMBERS OF THE PARISH COUNCIL are summoned to a PARISH COUNCIL meeting to be held in the Pavilion on Monday 24th July 2017 at 8 pm


 Apologies for Absence

Open Forum for Public Participation (10 minutes)

To approve minutes of Monday 19th June 2017, Planning minutes of 3rd July 2017 and ExtraOrdinary meeting of 17th July 2017

Declarations of Interest

Matters Arising & Clerks Update

  1. Acceptance of Office
  2. A603 Update
  3. War Memorial Update
  4. Purchase of Arnold Baker
  5. Appointment of Recreation Committee Parish Council Trustees
  6. Update on S106 Money
  7. Litter on Recreation Ground
  8. Cycle Paths
  9. Affordable Housing Tour

Appointment of Speaker for OSP148 Planning Committee: 2nd August 2017

Developing a strategy for Communicating with the Public



Demolition of Existing 3 bed dwelling and erection two detached replacement dwellings

16, Harlton Road, Little Eversden, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB23 1HB

Applicant: A Swallow


Tailcorn Funding £250.00  LGA 1972 s.142

Clerks Salary £TBC  LGA 1972 s.112(2)

Correspondence: Heidi Allen, Fire Governance Consultation

Report from County and District Councillors

Next Meetings

Planning, if required, Monday 14th August 2017 and Full Council meeting on Monday 4th September 2017

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