PC Minutes: Monday 9th January 2017


Present:, Mr Clive Dalton, Mrs Sue Glasse, Mrs Carol Handley, Ms Kieran O’Callaghan, Mr Steve Dinsdale, Dr Sinnett-Smith, Dr Russell and, in the Chair, Mr Matt Prince

1. Apologies for Absence were received and accepted from Ms Alexander.

2. Open Forum for Public Participation (10 minutes)
There were no items raised by the public.

3. To approve minutes of Monday 28th November 2016
Mr Dalton proposed the minutes as an accurate and true record of the meeting. Mrs Glasse seconded.

4. Declarations of Interest
Mr Prince declared a non-pecuniary interest in the allotments and the Village Hall and Ms Glasse declared a non-pecuniary interest in the recreation ground

5. Matters Arising & Clerks Upate
a. Emergency Planning – Cllr Sinnett-Smith had updated the emergency planning. The Clerk will circulate to the Council for comments before the next full meeting.

b. Hedge Complaint – Cllr Dinsdale informed the meeting he had visited the householder with the offending hedge. They were very accommodating and said the hedge had collapsed, explaining the angle of the hedge. The agreed to rectify.

c. Cold Calling – 400 door signs to deter cold calling have now been received. They will be distributed in the next edition of Tailcorn. The Council thanked Jill Marshall for obtaining these for the village.

d. Road Gritting – Mrs Handley said that she understood that the decision to reduce gritting had now been reversed and the levels would be retained as those of
6. Planning
Development to provide 10 new affordable homes
Land to the North of Church Street, Great Eversden, known as OSP148

The current planning application, which is running concurrently with the latest judicial review, was discussed. Members of the Parish Council felt that the Sequential testing had not been vigorous enough before Accent Nene resubmitted OSP148.
Cllr O’Callaghan proposed to Object the application. This was seconded by Dr Sinnett-Smith and the vote was 3 Councillors with one abstention.

Cllr Dindsdale proposed the application be Supported, this was seconded by Cllr Handley. 4 councillors voted in favour with one abstention.

The Council then voted on No Recommendation, however this could not be agreed.

It was RESOLVED that the Clerk would submit no decision to South Cambs.

7. Recreation Ground Play Equipment Discussion
Following correspondence from Gareth Bell regarding the recreation ground play equipment for the under 5’s, Mr Bell was invited to attend the meeting. Mr Bell said he, along with other parents were concerned, about the state of the play equipment. Although the facilities within the Village were good, the current equipment is over 15 years old and some of the platforms are rotten.

Mr Bell was aware that the David Ellis Fund came with specific conditions but a group of parents, relatively new to the Village with under 5 year old children, within the Village would like to pursue grants for new equipment by using the money as leverage.

Mrs Glasse informed the meeting that a new platform had been ordered, at a cost of £257, and the Recreation Committee were awaiting delivery. She said she would welcome input and help in pursuing grants and the first step would be for the Recreation Ground to meet with the Parent Committee.

8. Finance
Decision on Budget & Precept (including Connections Bus Provision)

The Clerk circulated the draft budget for comment.

The Connections Bus has an increase of 1% (£255 per visit). Despite numbers being slightly lower than last year it was agreed to fund for a further year. The Clerk has received promotional literature which she will circulate via Eversden online and the noticeboards.

It was RESOLVED to add:
Village Hall £2,000
Planning Fees £1,000
Additional Connections Bus fees £1,000
Maintenance of Play Equipment £500.00

For the 3rd year running the Council would request a Precept of £26458.00

The following payments were agreed:
Local Council Public Advisory Service £120.00 LGA 1972 s.142
Cambridgeshire ACRE £54.00 LGA 1972 143(1)
Staples £38.98 LGA 1972 s.226
Cambridge Insitu £3.60 LGA 1972 s.133

9. Correspondence
a. Public Transport Feedback – Clerk to circulate via Eversden online.
b. Correspondence via Eversden Website – Residents had expressed concern regarding the half way house in Harlton Road. Cllr Cattermole and Cllr Kindersley had been in discussion with the housing team and they would ensure those housed in future we more suitable for a residential area with a high proportion of children.

10. Report from County and District Councillors

Doug Cattermole – District Council
South Cambs
Planning applications are being scrutinised for:
• 10 affordable homes in Eversdens
• 392 new houses in Trumpington Meadows (phases 10 and 11)
• 40 new houses in Trumpington Meadows

SCDC has agreed to buy 8 affordable homes in Pampisford – 8 for rental and 2 for a shared equity approach.

Council Priorities
There is a consultation ongoing on the SCDC website regarding a review of the Council’s priorities. There are four sections:
• Living well
• Homes for the Future
• Connected Communities
• An innovative and dynamic organisation
Consultation is open until 20th January 2017.

City Deal Latest news
The ideas around workplace parking are a suggested £1.50 per day charge where there are 10 or more parking places. There will need to be consultation and this is expected in the summer. The exact area has still to be determined. The levy could raise £7m per year. This could be used for better bus services and making the park and rides free (parking). Elections will be held in May 2017 for the county council and the new Mayor. The boundaries for the County have changed and Haslingfield is now part of the Sawston ward.

New P&R’s are currently being considered on the A428 at the Madingley Mulch roundabout, extension of Trumpington (maybe upwards with extra storeys) and at Foxton. The idea is to take traffic off before the congestion pinch points but whether this works is unknown. Some of these developments will be in the green belt. The idea of a site at Hauxton seems to have been dropped.

Local transport hubs – suggestions included Foxton, Shepreth and Melbourn.

Cross Cambridge cycle routes – in the South this means extending the Hills Road cycle route out to Addenbrokes.

The Western Orbital route i.e. M11 improvements – Highways England has not shown enthusiasm for a separate road and has suggested a Smart Motorway approach which uses variable speed limits and use of the hard shoulder (target date 2020- 2025). A bus only slip road at junction 11 was being considered.

Sebastian Kindersley – County Council

Cllr Kindersley reported:

• The County Council are reversing certain budget cuts including winter gritting routes and street lighting.
• The new devolution Major will be directly elected at the beginning of May.
• The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is working with Cambridgeshire Constabulary to create an event for International Women’s Day on the 8th March 2017. The theme of the event will be around bringing communities together with a particular focus on keeping you and your community safe.
• As of April 2016, £166k in pothole compensation claims have been paid by Cambridgeshire County Council.

There has been a lot in the press recently about the proposed East-West link and the options under consideration for connecting Cambridge to Oxford via Sandy. Firstly because the new rail link should actually link the new developments in the area which basically would mean along the A428 corridor.

We have been asked about the green waste collected by South Cambs: is it recycled or does it go into landfill; 99% of all collected green waste is recycled.

11. Next Meetings
Monday 23rd January and Monday 6th February 2017, Planning if required and Full Parish Council meeting on Monday 20th February 2017 at 8 pm

The Chair closed the meeting at 10.02 pm

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