Unconfirmed PC Minutes – 15th December


Present: Mr Dinsdale, Mrs Hoar, Mrs Handley, Mrs Glasse, Mr Tebbit, Ms O’Callaghan, Mr Prince, Mrs Pritchard, Mrs Spencer and in the Chair, Mr Tebbit.

Apologies: Mr Dalton

The minutes of 3rd November and Planning minutes of 17th November were approved as correct.

Public Participation

There were no comments from the public gallery.

Declarations of Interest

Mrs Pritchard declared an interest in OSP 148.

Matters Arising

Emergency Planning

Mrs Pritchard had requested that her mobile number was not made public.

Mrs Handley will circulate the telephone tree for correction.

Mr Tebbit reported that several people had responded with equipment, however we were still to locate a generator.

Community Right to Bid

The Clerk reported that she had received notification of receipt of the applications and SCDC will make a decision by 14th January 2015.

Hedge in FP22

Mr Tebbit had written to all 3 owners of the hedges in Footpath 22 and all three appeared to have been trimmed.

Section 106 Payment

The Clerk reported that the NS&I have confirmed the change of signatories. She will now

pursue the questions raised regarding the Section 106 payment. Mrs Glasse and Mrs Spencer will raise again with the Village Hall Committee and Recreation Ground Committee regarding spending the money.


Mr Tebbit reported that we had received notification from Ms O’Callaghan that the new Notice Board for Great Eversden would be delivered on Monday 22nd The company have requested that payment be made on delivery. Although the item does not appear on the agenda it was agreed, as an exceptional case, that the cheque be paid for £1480.00 as it had been discussed and agreed at previous meetings.

Connections Bus                                  £2450.00                     LGA 1976 s.19
Churchyard Grant                                £1000.00                     LGA 1972 s.14
Balens – Handbell Insurance              £121.48                       LGA 1972 s.111
Cambridgeshire ACRE Renewal          £54.00                         LGA 1972 143(1)

The Council agreed payment of all cheques.

Mrs Hoar said that the war memorial, located in St Mary’s at Great Eversden needed cleaning. It was agreed Mrs Pritchard would investigate further what needed to be done.

The Clerk reported that she had written to the County Council for reimbursement as we had paid twice for street lighting in the same period, under two separate invoices.

Reports from Councillors

Cllr Kindersley reported that a meeting would take place between Cambridge City Council, South Cambs and the County Council to agree the governance arrangements for the City Deal. The major decisions about the future transport and planning of this area now rest in the hands of three people. The autumn statement delivered good news that the dulling of the A428 from Caxton to the Black Cat will be moved forward. However unwelcome directives included the delivery of housing at Northstowe by the Government, which was announced by the Minister with no previous discussion.

The cumulative impact of unplanned, speculative planning applications in our area – Gamlingay (up to 30 homes), Barrington (220 homes), Melbourn (199 homes) and now Foxton too (90 homes) – will create a new level of public service requirement not factored into any strategic planning. Doctors’ surgeries – for example at Gamlingay, Harston and Melbourn will need cash and physical space from somewhere if they are to expand to the extent that is necessary to serve a new population. Schools may be offered a formulaic contribution that is at a legal minimum but does not actually match what is needed.   Thousands of extra cars across these Parishes will exacerbate already very difficult points of tension on our roads, both within village residential areas and into and along the A10, A603 – and not just for drivers, but for pedestrians and others.

Barrington has recently held another public meeting against the CEMEX development. To meet the risk of a ‘worst case outcome’ the Parish Council is currently engaged in negotiations  and has been promised £5million for a section 106.

Regarding the war memorial, Cllr Kindersley said that SCDC had extra money in the Community Chest and it could pay for the restoration work. The Clerk will contact Joseph Minuloto.

There was no report received from Cllr Page.

OSP 148 Update

The Planning Committee will meet on Wednesday 14th January 2015 to make a decision regarding OSP 148. Mr Tebbit reported that we had reserved a 3 minute slot to speak at the meeting. Mrs Handley proposed that Mr Tebbit speak on behalf of the Parish Council and this was seconded by Mrs Glasse. It was resolved that the motion be passed, with 6 in favour, one abstention and one member who did not participate because she had declared an interest.


Mr Tebbit informed the meeting that the Clerk is entitled to 9p per hour increase on salary and a non-consolidated payment of £100. This will be paid in January 2015.

The Clerk had received a questionnaire on behalf of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Biodiversity Partnership and the The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire. Mr Tebbit will complete it as trustee of the community orchard and a copy will be sent to Mrs Pritchard as she also has an orchard. Mr Tebbit reminded the Council that the Tennis Club had so far raised £17k towards a community tennis facility but as yet had no site or ground to develop as they required a site large enough to accommodate 2 courts, side by side. Mr Tebbit informed the meeting that David Ellis has a piece of land at the end of Bucks Lane, near the Community Orchard that he would be willing to sell to the Parish Council for development. The land is part of a 10 year plan with Naturual England and currently has 5 years left. However he is currently having valuations carried out and Mr Woods is provided sketched plans for the development.

Next Meetings

Monday 5th January 2015 at 8 pm, Planning is required.
Monday 29th January 2015, Parish Council Meeting at 8 pm.

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