Parish Council Minutes of 6th September 2021

Minutes of FULL COUNCIL meeting on Monday 6th September 2021 at 8:00 pm at the Village Hall

Present: Mrs Edwards, Mrs Glasse, Mr Brown, Mr Watterson, Ms O’Callaghan, Mrs Mallows and, in the Chair, Mr Prince.

1. Apologies for Absence for received and accepted from Mr Dinsdale and Mr Oliver.

2. Declarations of interests were accepted for his financial payment at Item 6.

3. Approval of minutes for 22nd February; 8th March; 26th April, 4th May; 22nd May; 7th June; 14th June; 28th June; 19th July; 23rd August was deferred to the next meeting as the Clerk inadvertently forgot to circulate.

4. Open Forum for Public Participation: A member of the public asked for clarification on Item 9. Mrs Glasse read a report from Mr Blatch regarding his concerns about ragwort in the field and the state of the awarded drain. He would also like the plans for the Fossey Field reconsidered to enable a football pitch to be included on the site. His full report can be seen at Appendix A. Mr Prince said that he and Mr Dinsdale had been working with a member of the village to put together a tender for the Fossey Field and he would seek advice on the ragwort problem. Mrs Morley asked for the Fossey Field to be added again to the next full PC agenda and for a football pitch to be reconsidered.

5. Matters Arising & Clerks Report
a. PC Email Account and Website. The Clerk would forward the Council’s preferred image and layout to Vision ICT. Several errors were identified in the content and the Clerk will ask for these to be rectified. These were due to information being taken from the original website that is factually incorrect.

6. Finance
Cambridge Approaches £4,000.00 LGA 1972 S.137
Recreation Ground Precept £2500.00 PHA 1875 s.154
Recreation Ground Insurance £2583.21 PHA 1875 s.154
Eversden Churches Grant 1500.00 LGA 1972 s.124
Carl Cutmore (Bus Shelter) £1180.00 LGA 1953 s.4
Fossey Charitable Trust £10.00 LGA 1972 .127
K Easey: Clerks Salary £443.70 LGA 1972 s.112
M Prince: Zoom Expenses & EWR Expenses £84.92 LGA 1972 s.137 & s.111

Any payments were authorised.

7. Adopt updated LGA Councillor Code of Conduct. The Clerk will circulate this via email to Councillors for comments

8. Renew EWR & Highways Mandate. It was agreed that Mr Watterson and Mr Dinsdale would have approval to act on behalf of the Council for matters relating to EWR and Highways respectively. This would be in place until May 2022 when Parish Council elections are due.

9. Appoint and approve OSP148 Spokesperson and Mandate.
It was agreed that Mr Prince would be spokesperson on behalf of the Council should OSP148 be sent to Planning Committee in future.

10. Replacement of Defibrillator Pads. The Clerk will check the grant paperwork to ascertain the price of the new pads.

11. Reference: 21/03921/HFUL
Proposal: Construction of a garage and garage/guest room (Re-submission of 20/05388/HFUL)
Site address: 2 Comberton Road Little Eversden Cambridge
The application was unanimously supported as there was no impact on surrounding properties.

12. Correspondence received.
The Clerk had been asked to enquire as to when the Orchard would be open. The Clerk had spoken to the owners and they would publish on EOL and on the gate to the Orchard shortly that it would be open to collect fruit for a set period of time.

The Clerk would circulate the email from Tony Coad regarding his Ground Source pump proposal for OSP 148. The Clerk would also copy to Cllr Van de Weyer for information.

13. County & District Councillor Reports. Cllr Atkins was unable to attend but will circulate a report later this month. Cllr Van de Weyer’s report is at Appendix B.

14. Next meetings: Monday 18th October 2021.

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