Parish Council Agenda: Monday 25th February 2019

ALL MEMBERS OF THE PARISH COUNCIL are summoned to a PARISH COUNCIL meeting to be held in the Pavilion on Monday 25th February 2019


Apologies for Absence

Open Forum for Public Participation (10 minutes)

To approve minutes of  Monday 14th January 2019 and Planning of Monday 12th February 2019.

Declarations of Interest

Matters Arising & Clerks Update

    1. Discussion and vote on Fossey Trust response
    2. Request for monetary contribution to Bikeability Training
    3. Sustrans
    4. East West Railway Company
    5. Pavement to SE of St Marys Church
    6. Neighbourhood Plan – Debate the pros and cons of a Neighbourhood Plan and  combining both Parishes into one.

Arrange Date for Litter Picking

Future of Handbells


Variation of Condition 2, (Plans) 10, (Soakaway Drainage) and 13 (Car Parking layout) of planning permission S/2512/15/FL
12 Church Lane, Little Eversden, Cambridge, CB23 1HQ
Mr T Banks, Eversden Construction Ltd

Clunch Cottage, 16 Wimpole Road
Great Eversden, CB23 1HR
Internal re-ordering of 20th Century extensions, reinstatment of orginal firepaces, new bi-fold doors to rear elevation and upgrades to thermal performance of the building

S/0481/19/LB & S/0481/19/FL
Merrys Farm House, 17 Wimpole Road, Great Eversden, CB23 1HR
Mr Tom Jack
Amend Listed Building approval ref S/1172/15/LB to omit an oil fired boilet and oil takand include an air source heat pump.

Erection of Side Extension
29 High Street, Little Eversden, Cambridge, CB23 1HE
Mr M G Gaillard


Zurich Municipal (Insurance)                                                       £1910.33               LGA 1972 s.111
Clerks Salary & Expenses                                                               £TBA                     LGA 1972 s.111
Cambridgeshire County Council (Street Lighting)                  £355.96                   LGA PCA 1957 s.3
J Sutton                Telephone Box Cleaning                                 £60.00                 LGA PCA 1957 s.51


  1. Public Access Field: Winrose Farm
  2. Community Security
  3. Marsh Close Update

District and County Councillor Reports

Next Meetings: Little Eversden Parish Meeting on Monday 4th March in the Pavilion; Planning, if required, on March 11th and March 25th; Great Eversden Parish Meeting on Monday 1st April in the Village Hall.

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