Planning Meeting Minutes: Monday 4th January 2021

Minutes of PLANNING meeting held via Zoom on Monday 4th January 20201 at 8 pm

Present: Mr Brown, Mr Dinsdale, Mr Dalton, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Glasse, Mrs Mallows, Mr Oliver and, in the Chair, Mr Prince.

1. Apologies for Absence received from Mr Watterson and Ms O’Callaghan.

2. No expressions of Declarations of Interest

3. Reference: 20/04949/HFUL & 20/04950/LBC (15th January 2021)
Proposal: Remove rear lean-to extension, new one and half storey extension at rear, alterations to side extension, minor alterations to original house, including replacing stair, partial window replacement.
Site address: 12 High Street Little Eversden CB23 1HE

Mrs Mallows pointed out that the application is for a Listed Building. The previous application is much smaller than the above. The design and access statement as slightly misleading and the previous application should not be taken as a precedent. The application was unanimously SUPPORTED with no comments.

4. Reference: 20/05140/HFUL & 20/05141/LBC (21st January 2021)
Proposal: Single storey side and rear extension
Site address: 11 High Street Great Eversden CB23 1HN
The property is set back from the road and well screened. There were no comments and the application was unanimously SUPPORTED by the Council.

5. Reference: 20/05161/HFUL & 20/05162/LBC (28th January 2021)
Proposal: Conversion of barn/stables to annexe
Site address: 11 High Street Great Eversden CB23 1HN
This is more a change of use and the building work is minimal. Again the application was unanimously SUPPORTED.

6. Reference: 20/04954/HFUL
Proposal: Demolition of existing conservatory. Construction of new part single storey, part two storey rear extension. New dormer to front and new rooflights to rear.
Site address: 5 Church Lane Little Eversden CB23 1HQ
The Council unanimously voted to SUPPORT the application with the comment that there are several construction projects in this area and we would like it conditioned accordingly to minimise any disturbance to neighbours.
7. Reference: 20/05230/HFUL (28th January 2021)

Proposal: Part demolition of existing conservatory and construct single storey rear extension. Insert front rooflight.
Site address: 17 Wheelers Way Little Eversden CB23 1HF
No impact on surrounding properties; it was RESOLVED to SUPPORT the application unanimously.

8. Reference: 20/04893/LBC (20th January 2021)
Proposal: Installation of 20 No. solar panels to roof.
Site address: The Piggeries Wimpole Road Great Eversden
The panels would be applied to the back of the property. The Council supported unanimously with the comment that we are generally in favour of solar panels but we would leave the final decision on the aesthetics to the Conservation Officer.

The Chair closed the meeting at 8.19 pm.

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