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  1. admin says:

    Hi. This is Ollie Scognamiglio, and I designed and built this website, launched in 2014.

    Along with my wife Marian, kids Harry and Isabella, and not forgetting Sasha the dog, we are new residents in Great Eversden, having moved here in December 2013.

    All the initial website content was provided by David Farnell who has been very patient waiting for this site to go live to take over from his previous website which has served the villages so well.

    I hope you find this website informative, easy to use, and helpful. Enjoy.

  2. May I wish the new Eversden’s web site every success and record my grateful thanks to Dave Farnell for all his years of absolute dedication, a state which many people, being unaware of the hours of work involved, took for granted.

  3. Ann Blake says:

    I’m a granddaughter of Fred and Ann Day who lived on Chapel Road.
    My mother was married at Saint Mary and reception at Village Hall.
    I had the pleasure of spending several summers at Nanna Days.
    I live in Navarre, Florida where it is currently sunny and chilly.
    Congratulations on the site, I wish you the best.
    Ann Blake

  4. marie nee webb says:

    Im tracing my family tree which my grandfather was George webb he married kate marshall they had 2 sons Edgar George and my father Hubert William webb if any one can help

  5. Amanda says:

    Hi, I live in Australia & am finding out about my family history some of my descendants lived in Great Eversdens. Particularly interested in the Pigott (or spelt Piggott) family my ancestor Fanny Elizabeth Piggott was born in 1833. Siblings Thomas, Mary & Sarah. Parents William Piggott & Mary Ann (possibly nee Blackburn. Any further information on family greatly appreciated. Thanks

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