Planning Meeting: Monday 8th February 2021

Minutes of Planning meeting held via zoom on Monday 8th February 2021 at 8 pm.

Present: Mrs Glasse; Mr Oliver; Ms O’Callaghan; Mr Dinsdale; Mrs Mallows; Mr Brown; Mr Watterson and, in the Chair, Mr Prince.

1. Apologies for Absence were received from Mr Dalton and Mrs Edwards.

2. Declarations of Interest indicated he would recuse himself from the vote of Item 5 due to previous contact with the tenant.

3. Reference: 20/05357/LBC & 20/05356/FUL
Proposal: Restoration of existing barn and conversion to residential dwelling together with new extensions and attached new outbuilding to replace existing outbuilding to form additional living space and garaging – Resubmission of S/4203/19/LB
Site address: Springfield 44 Wimpole Road Great Eversden

He had planning permission granted some while back and then plans were resubmitted in Nov/Dec 2019 and the planning department questions whether the original part of the barn had planning permission initially. These are plans to reestablish permission.

The majority of the Council voted in favour of supporting the application, with one no recommendation and one abstention.

4. Reference: 20/05388/HFUL
Proposal: Construction of carport and garage, replacing the existing garage and two outbuildings.
2 Comberton Road, Little Eversden
Given the location of the property it was difficult to see that the application would affect any other resident.
The Council voted unanimously to support the application.

5. Reference:21/00032/FUL
Proposal: Demolition of existing house and construction of two new 5 bedroom houses along with garage, driveways, landscaping and laying of services.
Plough Corner, 3 High Street, Little Eversden
Mr Dinsdale left the meeting. The Chair asked for comments.
The Clerk informed the meeting that a resident contact PCSO James Lynch that morning due to parking concerns.
Mrs Glasse said she was unable to find comparisons to neighbouring properties in terms of elevation heights. Mr Watterson shared his screen showing the elevations and plans, however the height could not be found.
The plans indicate that the new properties would be in line with the existing houses, however the neighbour indicated the houses are further away from the road than the existing properties and this would impact on the light, that has just returned given the felling of the leylandii.

The Council voted, by majority, to Object. Mrs Mallows had concerns with regard to the parking if the plans were approved and a restriction should be imposed on construction traffic should not park on High Street.

The meeting was closed at 20:38 pm.

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