Extra Ordinary Meeting: Monday 17th July 2017

PARISH COUNCIL EXTRAORDINARY MEETING on Monday 17th July 2017 in the Pavilion at 8 pm

Present: Mr Dalton, Dr Sinnett-Smith, Mrs Handley, Mrs Glasse, Mrs Mallows and, in the Chair, Mr Prince.

Apologies were received from Dr Russell and Mr Dinsdale.

1.Declarations of Interest were received from Mrs Glasse regarding Item 4.

2. Three nominations were received for the casual vacancy

Mrs Jill Marshall, Mr Stephen Watterson and Mr Yogi Parmenter.  The Parish Council voted in a secret ballot and Mr Stephen Watterson was appointed by clear vote and joined the table.

3.  Update on Legal Procedures for New Pavilion

The Clerk had received and circulated an analysis on the current situation from Cambridgeshire ACRE.  It was RESOLVED that:

  1. at the next meeting two further members of the Parish Council should be voted as Managing Trustees of the Recreation Area Charity in line with the Deeds.
  2. The Clerk will invite Lisa Chambers from Cambridgeshire ACRE to the 4th September meeting.
  3. The Clerk will check that the Insurance Payment for the Recreation Ground can be shown as one payment together with the Recreation Area grant.

4.  To approve purchase of Arnold Baker, Local Council Administration, Tenth Edition

The Clerk reported that the 10th Edition cost is £123.00, including an Ebook.  The Clerk will check whether the ebook is downloadable onto one device or whether several members can access the document and report back to the 24th July.

5. To approve any invoices that arrive post agenda but prior to the meeting. No invoices were received.

The Chair closed the meeting at 8.34 pm.

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