Parish Council Meeting Minutes: Monday 8th July 2019


Present: Mr Dalton, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Handley, Mrs Glasse, Mrs Mallows, Ms O’Callaghan, Mr Oliver, Mr Watterson and, in the Chair, Mr Prince.

Apologies for Absence were received from Mr Dinsdale.

Open Forum for Public Participation (10 minutes)

A member of the public gallery reported the the wooden posts in Leetes Lane had been knocked down.  Thanks to a resident contacting SCDC the posts in question have been replaced with an extra, therefore now 3 wooden posts.

The height of the grass verges was raised on the A603 at the Wheatsheaf as a potential hazard.  When this impedes the vision at a junction the Chair reported they could be reported to the highways email address.  If residents did not have email they could contact the Clerk to log on the website.

The subject of improving the safety at the Wheatsheaf was raised and the possibility of a roundabout to slow traffic.  However, in past conversations with the Highways agency they were reluctant to impedea A road traffic flow.

To approve minutes of the Annual meeting of 20th May 2019 and Planning minutes of Monday 3rd June and 17th June 2019 and extraordinary meeting of 17th June 2019.

The Clerk will add the information to the 20th May 2019 minutes that Mark Deas gave regarding the number of houses in Great and Little Eversden.

Moving forward the Clerk will record the number of votes as opposed to the names of Cllrs who voted.

The 3rd June minutes will be carried forward to the next meeting as these were not circulated.

Declarations of Interest:  There were no declrations of interest.

Matters Arising & Clerks Update

Fossey Trust
It as agreed to move the lease forward by setting up an email working party of Mrs Glasse, Mr Watterson, Mr Prince and Ms O’Callaghan.  The Clerk will speak to Mr & Mrs Pritchard and also SCDC to see if they have a preferred legal advisors and then forward to the working party to consider.  The Council voted on a £4k budget to cover the legal costs.  The Clerk will contact Mr Bretten and inform his we are appointing legal representation but would like to proceed in principle.

Parish Council Liaison Forum
The Chair had attended the recent Liaison Forum at SCDC.  Some of the items raised included:

  • Cambridge is now in the top 10 for worst air quality
  • SCDC issued 22 parking tickets this year!
  • They discussed Operation London Bridge – a two fold operation focussing on the death of the Queen/Senior member of the Royal Family and the Coronation of new King. The Chair will contact Rev Fraser re a condolence book and the Village Hall indicated they would be happy to participate in future plans for street parties.
  • The Local Plan and GCP were also discussed.

Cycle Working Party
A non Parish Council group has started in the village who are making good independent headway . The PC group may join them in the future.

Street Lighting Parish Energy Handover
It was agreed to contact SCDC to clarify whether it was just the energy that the PC were looking to take over and not the maintenance and ownership of the street lights.  We also need to clarify the warranty on the work.

Recreation Ground Constitution
At a previous meeting it was discussed that the Recreation Ground wished to change their constitution to one representative of the PC instead of 3.  This could be accepted, however as Trustees the Parish Council should have some mechanism of involvement.  For greater transparency it was proposed that:

  • a brief report from the Recreation Ground be given at each full Parish Council meeting as a standing agenda item;
  • Recreation Ground Committee minutes are forwarded to the PC;
  • The proposal to change the constitution be sent to the Charity Commission via the Parish Council as trustees;
  • It was agreed by 8:1 that the Clerk would contact the Charity Commission on behalf of the Parish Council to register an interest in the change of the constitution;
  • The Village Hall Chair was in attendance in the public gallery and offered to host a joint meeting between the PC/Rec Committee and Village Hall to move forward. They will circulate dates for a potential meeting.
  • The Clerk will email Mr Blatch, as Rec Committee Chair, copying to Mrs Glasse requesting the above information.
  1. Finance
    Recreation Ground Insurance      £2400.69                            LGA 1972 s.19
    Recreation Ground Precept          £2500.00                            LGA 1972
    Village Hall Grant                              £2000.00                         LGA 1972 s.124
    Eversden Churches Grant              £1500.00                            LGA 1972 s.124
    Clerks Payment & Expenses          £227.05                               LGA 1972s.111

Emails via the website regarding dog bins; footpaths; hedges and signage

The Clerk will include in this months Tailcorn article all the online signposting addresses for reporting the above problems and email all those who contacted her individually.

The Clerk reported that she had received information regarding a storage unit in the Village Hall car park.  As the PC paid the rental on the car park the Clerk was surprised that she was not aware.  The Village Hall Chair, in attendance in the public gallery, said they had contacted SCDC re planning permission and that the unit, donated and transported for free, was a temporary storage solution.

The Clerk will contact SCDC regarding Footpath one near Armhold Farm to request the footpath is cleared as it is currently unusable.

District and County Councillor Reports
Cllr Lina Nieto sent her apologies.  Cllr Aiden Van de Weyer’s report will be circulated.

Next Meetings: Planning, if required, Monday 15th July and full Parish Council on Monday 2nd September 2019.

The meeting was closed at 9.15 pm.

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