Friends of the Eversden Churches

The Friends of the Eversden Churches of St Mary and St Helen

The Association was formed in 2001 as a charity devoted to raising money to restore and protect the fabric of the churches.
Most families in the villages are Friends and are invited to contribute at least £5 per year to the cause.
The Friends contributed money towards the work on the tower of St Helen’s and St Mary’s. Projects are proposed in co-operation with the architects and the Parochial Church Council. While the task of satisfying all the agencies involved is long and complicated, progress is made.

Chairman: Robert Lloyd Parry
Tel: 07722 859011

The upkeep of churches is costly. The PCC explores all avenues – grants, bequests, and Trusts. Local fund-raising, however, remains an important element. The Friends give everyone the opportunity to play a part – and to enjoy memorable village events. Village support does make a difference.


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