Tennis Club – Child Protection Policy

This policy has three main aims:

1) Prevention of harm by creating and maintaining a positive club atmosphere

2) Protection from harm by following the procedures of the Lawn Tennis Association Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy (17.03.2014) and by ensuring that volunteers and coaches are appropriately recruited, trained and supported to respond sensitively and appropriately to child protection concerns

3) Support by giving appropriate support to children and members if incidents concerning child protection issues occur.


This policy will be reviewed annually at the first committee meeting following the AGM.

Eversden Tennis Club aims to create an enjoyable environment for all juniors who wish to take part in tennis and social activities.

We believe that children and young people have the right to be safe, secure and free from threat.

We believe that young people have the right to be treated with respect, and to have their concerns listened to and acted upon.

We will ensure that the club provides for the needs of junior members through specific programmes, designated facilities, and safe practice.

We have procedures in place to address poor practice, and to help any young person who appears to be at risk, or who appears to be the victim of abuse.

We will offer help and support when a child or young person tells us that they are affected by these issues.

We will take steps to ensure that any club volunteers or professionals working with children are suitable to do so, through the use of references and background checks.

We will ensure that all relevant people have been vetted and approved through the LTA’s DBS disclosure process.

We will ensure that all of those working with children are made aware of the LTA Code of Conduct for People Working with Children in Tennis, and are required to follow it.

The club has an adult member who is specifically responsible for children, young people and child protection: Lola Green. She can be contacted on 07968 807 140.

For further guidance on procedures see



14.1 Code of conduct for working with children and young people

This code of conduct relates to best practice for all adults who work with children and young people. It is designed to promote the professional standards expected in tennis.

Everyone working with children and young people in tennis agrees to:

  1. Remain professional at all times;
  1. Use appropriate language at all times and challenges anyone who swears or uses unacceptable       language in front of or toward children and young people;
  1. Encourage children and young people to participate in tennis using ‘Fair Play’ values and encourage respect for one another;
  1. Work and communicate openly and in an open environment, to avoid situations that could be misinterpreted in both tennis settings and with social media;
  1. Keep a separate personal and business profile/account for social media.
  1. Be aware of the power and trust held as a person in a position of trust, treating this position and power with highest of responsibility.
  1. Ensure provision of a safe and inclusive environment for all children, their age, gender, sexuality, gender reassignment, disability or ability, religion or ethnicity;
  1. Maintain professional relationships with children at all times and know that any form of sexual relationship with someone under 18 is against the law and breach of their position of trust;
  1. Act as excellent role model at all times; which includes refraining from smoking or taking drugs or illicit substances when coaching or around tennis environments;
  1. Use positive reinforcement for discipline and report to the Safeguarding Team anyone who is seen to intimidate, threaten or act in a way that is physically or verbally abusive and agree to challenge a child or other person who acts in this way;
  1. Work in an open and accountable manner;
  1. Challenge poor practice of others; and
  1. Seek the advice or colleagues and refer to policies if unsure at anytime about practice or behaviour observed.




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