Planning Minutes: 28/6/21

Minutes of PLANNING Meeting on Monday 28th June 2021 at 8:00 pm at the Recreation Ground

Present: Mrs Mallows, Mr Watterson, Ms Morley, Mr Oliver, Ms Glasse, Mr Brown, Mr Dinsdale, Mrs Glasse, Mrs Edwards and, in the Chair, Mr Prince.

1. There were no apologies for absence.

2. Reference: 21/02278/HFUL
Proposal: Construction of a timber framed garage to the west of the farmhouse
Site address: 7 Church Lane Little Eversden CB23 1HQ
The Council discussed the application, there was little or no impact on surrounding properties and the Council RESOLVED to support the application.

3. It was agreed that Mrs Mallows and Mr Oliver would work together as Footpaths Officer.

4. Fossey Field – The discussion has become the tender document that has been compiled over the summer. It is currently still in progress by Mr Prince.

5. Approve Bus Shelter Quotation
Mr Cutmore had provided a quotation of £1180 for the work to both the bus shelters together with a breakdown of the work to be carried out. The Council approved this quotation and the Clerk will advise for the work to be carried out.

The meeting closed at 8.27 pm.

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