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 Parish Clerk’s email:

Chairman’s email:
I hereby give you notice that the Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday 14th July 2022 at 8.00pm at Great Eversden Village Hall

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purposes of considering and resolving the business to be transacted at the meeting as set out below. Any member not able to attend should send their apologies in writing before the meeting.

The Parish Councillors are:- Cllr Prince (Chairman), Cllr Dinsdale (Vice Chairman), Cllr Mallows, Cllr Glasse, Cllr Edwards, Cllr Watterson, Cllr Parmar, Cllr O’Callaghan and Mrs B Isherwood as Clerk and minute taker.

Barbara Isherwood – Clerk

                                                                                       Date of Notice: 8th July 2022

 Open Forum (12 minutes) to provide an opportunity for members of the public to raise questions for future agendas or on items that are on the current agenda. At the close of this item, members of the public will no longer be permitted to address the Council unless invited to do so by the Chairman. Limited to 3 minutes per person.

 Start of meeting

  1. To receive and approve apologies for absence.
  2.  To receive any Declarations of Interest and Dispensations (members are reminded that they are required to ensure their Declaration is updated within 28 days of any change in circumstances)

a) To receive any declarations of interest from Councillors on items on the agenda

b) To receive written requests for dispensations for disclosable pecuniary interests (if any)

c) To grant any requests for dispensations as appropriate

  1. To approve the minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council on 19th May 2022 and the Parish Council meeting on 13th June 2022 and the Planning meeting on 23rd June 2022.


  1. To co-opt two new Councillors to the Parish Council, after listening to their statements the Council will propose and second each new member and then invite them to sit at the table.


  1. County and District Councillor reports.


  1. Planning applications to discuss

22/02181/FUL – Creation of 2 no. Great Crested Newt Compensation ponds for the District Level Licensing Scheme – Merry’s Farm, 17 Wimpole Road, Great Eversden

22/02494/FUL – Single storey rear extension to 1 Finch’s Field and erection of 1 No. new detached dwelling following demolition of garage – 1 Finch’s Field, Little Eversden CB23 1HG

22/02557/HFUL – New entrance to existing property with dropped kerb – 9 Chapel Road, Great Eversden CB23 1HP

TREE WORKS – S211 tree works (conservation area) 22/0698/TTCA – 40 Wimpole Road, Great Eversden CB23 1HR – proposal T1 Ash and T2 Elm – clear all phone wires and reduce crown on house side by 2-3m giving clearance of 1m


21/00476/CONDA – submission of details required by conditions 3 (Foul Water Drainage) and 4 (Surface Water Drainage) of planning permission 21/00476/OUT – Land at 17B High Street, Great Eversden

22/00526/CONDA – Submission of details required by conditions 2 (Materials), 3 (Boundary Treatments) and 4 (Hard and Soft Landscaping) of planning permission 22/00526/S73 – 17B High Street, Great Eversden

22/02676/CL2PD – Certificate of lawfulness under S192 for the siting of a caravan for incidental/ancillary use – Merrys Farm, 17 Wimpole Road, Gt Eversden

  1. To approve Jacquie Wilson as the internal auditor for 2022/2023
  1. To approve the appointment of LGS Services as payroll provider
  2. To discuss and approve the appointment of a student to work on website archive of old minutes from 2004 in order to publish them online.


10. To approve the following policies – Expenses Policy, Health, Safety, Accessibility &   Wellbeing Policy, Sickness Policy, Dispensation Policy, Code of Conduct.

  1. To discuss the notes presented by the Clerk on the Eversden Community Pavilion Project Business Plan 2022 – 2027 and to be continued at the September meeting.


  1. To approve the purchase of laptop and mobile phone for the Clerk.


  1. To discuss the improvement of the Asset Register.


  1. To discuss the ‘Mission statement’.


  1. “RESOLVE that the Council delegates the power to grant dispensations to the Clerk. The power rests with the relevant authority under section I33(1) of the Localism Act 2011 and the basis is set out under section 33(2). “

To discuss the above power and if the Council wishes the Clerk to grant dispensations to Councillors without prior Council approval.

  1. To agree dates/provision for training on new email system for all Councillors and IT/update & website progression
  2. To approve the motion to add funds to the new Unity Trust account by means of a personal loan for 6/7 weeks from the date of this meeting and to report the successful opening of the account by the Clerk.

In accordance with Financial Regulations 6.3 which states – all payments shall be affected by cheque or other instructions to the Council’s bankers, or otherwise in accordance with a resolution of Council.

17.1 The Council RESOLVES to delegate the power to initiate the bank transfer of all funds (and to cancel said account) from Santander Bank to Unity Trust Bank (new account) to Cllr Matthew Prince as sole existing signatory on the Council. The transfer to be made online with internet banking and with the approval of the Parish Council.

  1. To approve the writing of a letter to the Chairman of the Recreation Ground committee pointing out that there is a H&S hazard in the recreation ground (previous roundabout – metal strut sticking out of the ground) that could cause injury or death and that it should be removed as soon as possible.
  2. GDPR training
  3. To approve the following payments but to note that at the time the agenda was published, there would be no ability to pay anyone until transfer of funds from Santander to Unity Trust takes place. Clerk to submit payments as soon as possible.


P Mallows                     Cut grass/tidy area on Rec Ground                    100.00              0.00     100.00

CloudNext                    Domain & Web hosting                                      99.99                19.99    119.98

SCDC                           Licence to use land off Chapel Rd                      50.00                0.00     50.00

SCDC                           Uncontested election 5 seats Gt Ev                   75.00                0.00     75.00

SCDC                           Uncontested election 5 seats Little Ev                75.00                0.00     75.00

B Isherwood                 Stationery & Mobile phone & £10. Top up            129.45              0.00     129.45

£529.45       £19.99    £549.45









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