Picture Features




21.2.13 Nature Notes pictures for 2013 Pictures illustrating Shelagh and Guy's Tail Corn article
5.7.13 Insects and things Mainly miniature wildlife
13.3.13 Carolyn's Natural Selection My pick of Carolyn Alexander's collection of nature shots around the Eversdens
1.3.13 Nature Notes pictures for 2012 Pictures illustrating Shelagh and Guy's Tail Corn article
29.4.14 From Jill Index Bits and pieces from Jill Marshall - more to come.
14.1.14 RAINFALL - David Ellis 1987 to 2013   RAINFALL FIGURES
20.9.12 And now - the Paralympics People of The Eversdens share their Paralympics experiences
24.8.12 Some Eversden Olympics pictures People of The Eversdens share their Olympics experiences
2.7.12 Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory A tour - local landmark plus
1.4.12 Our Spring back gardens (mostly) Some of your back garden pictures of Spring
15.2.12 Our Short-eared owls A flock of owl pictures taken in Great Eversden
28.7.11 Anthony Green: July 2011 Inspired by Anthony and Mary's life in The Eversdens
10.3.10 Chips are (correction) were in Fish and Chips at the Rec - a first - and last!
2.9.09 Barrington clunch for St Helen's See where the clunch came from for St Helen's wall
28.8.09 Sue's Pet Wasps Take a look at what wasps can build.
11.8.09 My Life by Terry Osborne Read Terry's fascinating account of his early years
10.8.09 Eversden Cricket "Legends" Team Photo of former players here for a special match
18.6.09 Our Wild Flowers Some of your pictures of local wild flowers
16.6.09 Sheep-shearing at Red House Farm Just passing as the sheep-shearer arrived to do his bit
25.4.12 Quin's Quest (and now NELSON) It started with QUIN - then Irwin, Buckie, and now Nelson
19.6.09 Polar Connections The Eversdens' links with the Poles. See Guy's pictures.
24.9.08 Eversden Wood Get the real low-down on the wood.
24.5.08 Shelagh's winner Shelagh's winning portrait. More to come?
6.5.08 Bob's "Protest" Read Jane's account of the wormery (in spite of Bob!)
10.4.08 PCSOs at Coffee Morning Meet our village bobbies
6.12.07 Tom Harland MBE Congratulations to Tom Harland (New Year Honours 2007)
4.11.07 A crop of canes New woodland - the start of something big.
Aug 06 Roman Eversden Romans settled here before us. Rewarding investigations.