The Eversdens' Past


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The two parishes of Great and Little Eversden have been associated from the earliest times. The name `Eversden` is mentioned in the Domesday Book as `Eversdona` meaning Hill of the Wild Boar. The boar's head being the obvious choice for the village logo.

Before World War Two there were 4 farms in Little and 9 in Great. The farming was mainly arable with sheep and fruit. Eversden greengages were unique being grown only in one other area, the Vale of Evesham.

The oldest houses were built from lath and plaster and clunch with thatched roofs. Bricks were not used until later. Clunch was a local building material, quarried in blocks in Little. It was not entirely frostproof although some remains today notably in the graveyard wall in St.Mary`s church and the cottages beside the Post Office Shop.

St Mary`s Church in Great was badly damaged by fire after being struck by lightning in 1466. It was rebuilt in the late 15th or early 16th centuries and restored in 1864 and 1920. St Helen`s in Little Eversden dates from the 14th and 15th centuries and was restored in 1891-2. Both churches are in regular use with services rotating between them.

Some more historical snippets 

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