Silver Washed Fritillaries

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Published on August 31st, 2015 | by Admin2


Over the summer Euan Dunn very kindly emailed me some pictures and information of Silver Washed Fritillaries which were taken at Eversden Woods.







IMG_4012Here’s the info: They are to be found in other ancient woodlands in the county. Generally it’s reported that their range is spreading east from their core range in SW England.  They live in  colonies so if you see one, there will be others nearby. There are two key localities in Eversden Wood.  Males appear to outnumber females. They have an interesting life cycle: females lay their eggs in the bark of a tree with violets at the base.  The caterpillar hibernates, then descends in spring to feed on the violets.

Many thanks to Euan.


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