The Eversdens Cambridgeshire 2000 - 2014

This archive chronicles thirteen years of Eversden life and landscapes - mainly in pictures. It is no more than a snapshot because so much more happens than can be captured. However, there is enough in it to fill a few hours of browsing.

As well as pictures, there are a few references to matters mainly forgotten. Some people, too, are there who have passed. And there are children who are now grown up.

This archive will stand more or less unchanged. The new Eversdens website will gradually grow its own.

  The bulk of the photographs are mine but many were kindly given. Photographers are named on the index pages. Jill Marshall, Shelagh Bidwell, Derek Blatch, and Carolyn Alexander were the main other contributors. I hope their pictures will also grace the new Eversden website.

David Farnell   June 2014