Planning Minutes: Monday 26th April 2021

Minutes of Planning meeting held via Zoom on Monday 26th April 20201 at 8 pm.

Present: Mr Dalton, Mrs Mallows, Mrs Glasse, Mr Dinsdale, Ms O’Callaghan, Mr Watterson.

1. Apologies for Absence were received and accepted from Mr Prince, Mrs Edwards.

2. Declarations of Interest were received from Mr Watterson for Item No 3.

3. Reference: 21/01102/FUL
Proposal: Erection of dwelling
Site address: Land Between 2 And 4 High Street Great Eversden
The applicant had purchased the land over 2 years and had been through 2 rounds with a the Council Design Enabling panel. The main differences between the previous plans showed the garage at the front close to the road which has been moved back so as not to detract from the Grade II listed white building next door. Mr Dinsdale asked if the hedge would be retained at the front, Mr Wells said a hedge or picket fence would be retained, although they were quite relaxed about this. was asked if there would be a detrimental impact in the back garden of the White House next door, although it appeared quite secluded due to established hedging and trees. The Council asked how many trees would be removed and clarified it was a private field at the back with a public footpath running through it. The applicant implied there were no further trees to be removed. It was set back so that it would not impact on the street scene with light pollution.
The Clerk gave the notified neighbours list for the Council’s information.
Mr Dinsdale proposed to SUPPORT the application and would like to retain as much as possible of the hedge at the front of the property and the Council would prefer to see a five-bar gate as opposed to a closed gate. The Council voted unanimously in favour of SUPPORT.

Mr Watterson was readmitted to the meeting,

4. Reference: 21/00874/FUL
Proposal: Construction of new structure for the accommodation of horses, horse feed and field maintenance machinery, and hard standing
Site address: 11 Harlton Road Little Eversden CB23 1HB

There was a condition regarding drainage to prevent flooding.

Mr Dinsdale proposed No Recommendation with a caveat that any exterior lighting should consider the open landscaping behind. This was agreed unanimously.

5. Reference: 20/04627/FUL
Proposal: Erection of a live/work unit with associated parking and landscaping.
Site address: 12 Church Lane Little Eversden CB23 1HQ

Mr Dinsdale informed the Council that the property had moved from its North/South axis to merge it be more parallel with adjacent properties. The revised plans also have 4 spaces as opposed to 6.

It was RESOLVED in the majority to OBJECT to the application with the comments:

o We acknowledge that slight alterations have been made but essentially it is still the same project and therefore our previous objections stand.

6. There were no other planning applications received after publication of the agenda.

Mr Dinsdale closed the meeting at 20:31 pm

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