Planning Meeting Minutes: Monday 20th January 2020

Minutes of Planning meeting held in the Pavilion on Monday 20TH January 2020 at 8 pm

Present: Mrs Mallows, Mr Dinsdale and, in the Chair, Mr Prince.

1. Apologies for Absence were received from Mr Dalton, Mrs Handley, Mrs Glasse, Mrs Edwards and Mr Watterson.

2. No Declarations of Interests were received.

3. S/4504/19/FL
22 High Street, Little Eversden, Cambridge, CB23 1HE
Mr & Mrs Pedersen
Rear two-storey extension and single storey link.
Following discussion it was unanimously resolved to vote NO RECOMMENDATION. It was agreed that the most important issue would be the neighbours comments as it may affect their loss of privacy. It was agreed to add to the comments to ensure neighbours are consulted.

4. S/4524/19/FL
Holbeins Farm, High Street, Great Eversden, Cambridge
Mr Paul Tebbit, K B Tebbit Ltd
Erection of an agricultural building
It was agreed that NO RECOMMENDATION be returned with the comments that the nearby Aerodrome should be consulted and, if approved, it be screened with trees from the west due to the height. It was felt that given the footprint the height was excessive.

The Chair closed the meeting at 8:22 pm.

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