Planning Meeting Minute: Monday 24th January 2022

MINUTES of Planning meeting held in the Village Hall on Monday 24 th January 2022
at 8 pm

Present: Cllr Mallows, Cllr Glasse, Cllr Dinsdale, Cllr Edwards, Cllr Oliver, Cllr Jack and, in the Chair, Cllr Prince.

1. Apologies for Absence ; Cllr Brown, Cllr Watterson, Cllr O’Callaghan, Karen Easey [the Clerk]

2. Declarations of Interest ; Cllr Glasse declared an interest in the 2 planning applications , items 5 & 6, as a neighbour,

3. Discussion regarding Clerk’s Position:

A vote was taken to accept the Clerk’s resignation, passed unanimously, with regret

A discussion was held about advertising the Clerk’s position; preference for out of village clerk, an ad without constrained hours, contact point advertised as the Chair. It was voted Cllr Dinsdale to be ad content manager and research further, Cllr Edwards to assist. Voted unanimously

Action: Cllr Prince to contact Capalc for typical advert.

4. Fossey Field/Expenditure

Cllr Prince & Dinsdale had received a bill an hour before the meeting. There was some confusion about the contents of the bill to be sorted out with the Contractor
It was voted to accept payment up to £1350 plus VAT, unanimously

A quote to be arranged for roadside hedge cutting.

5. Reference: 21/05656/HFUL
Proposal: Single storey rear extension
Site address: 24 Lowfields Little Eversden CB23 1HJ

Voted unanimously to SUPPORT [Cllr Glasse did not vote]
with the proviso that due the large glazed aspect we request that a planning condition be imposed to protect wildlife areas and neighbouring properties from light pollution from the development. A lighting scheme should be produced, and approved by the planning officer before implementation, to avoid light spill from inside and outside the property in conformance with all relevant guidelines for glare and wavelength

6. Reference: 21/05592/HFUL
Proposal: Single storey rear extension
Site address: 26 Lowfields Little Eversden Cambridge

Voted unanimously to SUPPORT [Cllr Glasse did not vote] with consideration to be given to light spill from the roof lantern and local bat runs

7. No other plans received

The meeting was closed at 20.43 pm.
Next extraordinary meeting to be held 31 Jan 2022 in Rec Ground car park at 8pm
Next full PC meeting Monday 21 Feb 2022

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