Parish Council Agenda: Monday 14th October 2019

ALL MEMBERS OF THE PARISH COUNCIL are summoned to a PARISH COUNCIL meeting to be held in the Pavilion on Monday 14th October 2019 at 8 pm


 Apologies for Absence

Open Forum for Public Participation (10 minutes)

To approve minutes of 2nd September and planning minutes of 23rd September 2019.

Declarations of Interest

Return of Register of Parish Members Financial and Other Interests

Matters Arising & Clerks Update

    1. Fossey Trust Update
    2. Street Lighting Update
    3. Joint Working Group Meeting
    4. Update on Recreation Ground Constitution

Recreation Ground and Village Hall Minutes

Expiry of Asset of Community Value Listing: The Hoops Tandoori, 2 High Street, Great Eversden

Intented Public Payphone Removal


12 Harlton Road, Little Eversden, CB23 1HB
Mr & Mrs Martin
Single storey rear orangery extension with glass roof lantern

Fireworks Store, Comberton Road, Little Eversden, Cambridge, CB23 1EW
Tom Archer
Outline planning permission for the erection of 8 dwellings with all matters reserved.


Clerks Update: Payments & VAT
PKF Littlejohn                                    E240.00                               LGA 1972 s.111(i)
Clerks Salary & Expenses               £TBC                                      LGA 1972 s(112.2)


District and County Councillor Reports

Next Meetings: Planning meeting on Monday 28th October and 11th November, if required, and Full Parish Council on Monday 25th November 2019.

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