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Present:  Mr Dinsdale, Mr Dalton, Mrs Glasse,  Ms Green, Mrs Handley,

Cllr Kindersley, Ms O'Callaghan, Mrs Pritchard, Ms Spencer and in the Chair, Mr Tebbit.

1.            No Apologies were received.

2.            Remembering John White

I know you will all agree with me when I say how shocked and saddened I was by John's sudden and untimely death.  He was a real worker for Eversden and its people.  He was involved in our community in so many ways.  John was a particularly hard-working and dedicated supporter and member of our Parish Council.  John was his own man; he came open-minded to issues and carefully came to his own conclusions working tirelessly then to see them fulfilled.  John's integrity, energy, skills and ready wit will be remembered and greatly missed by all of us living in the Eversdens.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

3.            The minutes of 2nd December were approved.  Mr Dinsdale abstained, as he was absent from the meeting.  The minutes of 16th December were approved.  

Public Participation

4.            Ms Sach asked for an update regarding the road closure between the A603 and Comberton.  The Clerk said a road closure order was in place until 21st January, it would be single lane traffic control for safety reasons thereafter until the work is completed at the end of January.

5.            Mr Bidwell addressed the meeting following his posting on Eversden online in response to the Housing Survey letter.  Mr Bidwell said he wanted to provide a balanced argument to the issue and in no way intended it to be detrimental to the community and in hindsight felt this was not the correct forum to air his views.  Mr Tebbit thanked Mr Bidwell for his comments and acknowledged that it was not his intention to enrage the community. 

6.            Concern was expressed over the proposed plans at Item 7.  In particular the ownership of the ditch between the property and Wheelers Way and the position of the new garages in relation to the ditch.  Insufficient parking was also cited as a concern.

7.            Flooding at the ditch in Wheelers Way was raised.   The Clerk read the report received from CCC following the recent inspections survey and it was agreed to monitor the situation.  Mr Tebbit will write to CCC and request a survey of the ditch although landowners may be responsible for rectifying any problems on their land.

8.            The roadside ditch in Mr Bridgewater's property is causing concern within Great Eversden as water is now across the road on the High Street causing a hazard on the bend.

9.            There were no declarations of interest.

10.          Matters Arising

a)            Emergency Planning. Nothing to report.

b)           Recreation Ground Opening. We are still awaiting a response.  The Clerk to contact Mr Belton. 

c)            St Helen's Registration:  The final document was signed at the meeting and now needed     delivering in order to the complete the registration.

d)            Standing Orders:  This will be deferred to the next full Parish Council meeting.

e)            Speedwatch: Mr Tebbit informed the meeting that Livia Fraser has volunteered to take this 


f)             South Cambs Community Awards:  No nominations were received.

g)            Housing Needs Survey: We are awaiting the report back from Cambridgeshire ACRE on the 

recent survey.   Mrs Pritchard thought that the letter promoting the survey failed to remain neutral.  Mr Tebbit said this was not the intention and apologised.

Presentation regarding land at the rear of 23 High Street, Little Eversden

11.          Ieuan and Harri ap Rees attended the meeting to present the outline plans for the above property.   The proposal is for a backland development, i.e. requiring a private drive, of 2 plots, 1 a 5-bedroom and plot 2 a 3-4 bed executive home.    SCDC is supportive of the infill development within the Village.  

12.          Mr ap Rees informed the meeting that privacy of the properties in Finches Field had been considered and both plots have no windows overlooking Finches Field and the second plot is designed a 1.5 storey height as opposed to a 2 storey property.   Mr ap Rees said that he had also gauged the views of all the neighbours over the Christmas and New Year break. 

13.          The floor was then opened to comments and the Clerk reiterated the earlier views from the public and also read a letter received from a Finches Field resident. 

14.          Some of the issues of concerned raised were:

15.          Mr ap Rees said they would take away the comments as well as how the garages impinged on the ditch line.  They thanked the Parish Council and public for their comments and said they would continue ongoing discussion with neighbours.  It was noted that no formal application had yet been received for the development .

A603 Harlton/Eversden Update

16.          Mr Dinsdale had attended Local Highway Initiative meeting today with regard to the joint application with Harlton.  It was agreed to add £250 to the budget to cover the 10% if the application is successful ; otherwise the money would be taken from reserve.  Mr Tebbit thanked Mr Dinsdale on behalf of the Parish Council for steering the project through. 

Budget & Precept

17.          For the last two years the precept has been set at £15,500 which has not been sufficient.  Without the Connections Bus the precept needed to be approx £18,000.  Mr Tebbit explained 3 options for the Connections Bus, either 36, 27 or 22 sessions.  Mrs Glasse proposed and Mr Dalton seconded the proposal that the Council should fund the 36 sessions option. The proposal was passed unanimously.  The precept of £26,458 was agreed for 2014/2015.

18.          Planning

S/2560/13/FL: 16 Wheelers Way was approved.

S/0042/13/FL: 25 Harlton Road, Little Eversden the variation was approved.

19.          Finance

Connections Bus: Eversden Recreation Ground £4,000   Agreed                 LGA 1976 s19

20.          Garden Party Nominations

There were no nominations received.


21.          It was resolved that increase in Police presence and Theft be added to the new joint Police meeting.

22.          It was agreed that Ms Spencer would be the new representative for the Village Hall Committee.

Councillors Reports

23.          There was no report from Cllr Page.

24.          Councillor Sebastian Kindersley picked up on the Improvement bid discussed earlier by Mr Dinsdale.  He said that there were 54 schemes bidding for £127,000.  Eversden is the only scheme involving a fatality, that there was previously a safety camera in the vicinity and also unique in the fact that it is supported by 2 Parishes.  The decision will be made on 11th February.

25.          There will now be a joint police panel with SCDC in Cambourne every 4 months.

26.          He reported that the County budget needed to save £150m over the next 5 years.  The Government settlement for the County has been reduced by 20.9% and Cambridgeshire has the fastest growing population and worst funding for education in the country.   Savings will be achieved by a 1.99% increase in Council tax and other service cuts possibly including the removal of concessionary bus passes at P&R sites, winter maintenance payments, children's centres and some County Council buildings being sold off.  

27.          There will be a meeting of the Cambridge Future Transport in Arrington tomorrow, 3 -5 pm. 

28.          CEMAX presented plans to Barrington last week for 220-250 houses.  The plans do not include any amenities, which does not comply with either CCC or SCDC policy.

29.          Next Meetings

Full Parish Council Monday 10th March 2014 at 8pm

Planning if required, Monday 3rd February and Monday 17th February 2014 at 8:30 pm.

Little Eversden Parish Meeting: Monday 3rd March 2014 at 8 pm, Mrs Handley to Chair.