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Mr Dalton, Mr Dinsdale, Mrs Glasse,  Mrs Handley, Mrs Hoar, Ms O'Callaghan, Mr Prince, Mrs Pritchard, Mrs Spencer and in the Chair, Mr Tebbit.

Mr Tebbit welcomed Mrs Spencer back following her illness.

Apologies Received

Councillor Robin Page.

Election of Officers

1.         Mr Tebbit was proposed by Mr Dalton and voting was unanimous in re-electing Mr Tebbit as Chair.

2.         Mr Tebbit proposed Mrs Handley to continue as Vice Chairman, the vote was unanimous in

re-electing Mrs Handley.

3.         It was resolved that the Clerk would continue as Responsible Financial Officer. 

4.         Mr Tebbit proposed Mr Richford continue as our Internal Auditor and this was seconded by Mr Dalton. 

Election of Representatives

5.         It was resolved that the following would be representatives for the coming year: 

Village Hall                              Mrs Gemma Spencer

Parochial Church Council        Mrs Alison Pritchard

Recreation Ground                  Ms Kieran O'Callaghan

Village Sign                             Mr Derek Blatch

Footpaths                                Mr Clive Dalton

Minutes of Last Meeting

6.         The Clerk had added the line 'Mr Tebbit then invited questions from the floor' to the Housing Needs Survey paragraphs. 

7.         The minutes of 14th April 2014 were approved as accurate. 

8.         Mrs Handley reported she had written a complaint to South Cambridgeshire District Council regarding the behaviour of Cllr Page following last month's meeting. It was understood that at least four others had also written to complain.

Chairman's Report

9.         Mr Tebbit  gave a report on the events of the last year and highlighted some of the positive actions achieved by the Council.   He thanked Councillors and the Clerk for all their work and support.  A full copy of the report is available on request from the Clerk.

Public Participation

10.      The Council were asked for the current situation regarding The Elms, 23 High Street, Little Eversden.  The Chairman confirmed that outline planning permission had been granted.   A further application will need to be submitted for approval of anything that was not covered by the outline application, however, given that we voiced our concerns over the initial application and it was still recommended, opinion was that the permission would not be overturned in spite of any changes.

11.       Mrs Webster asked that it be recorded how well kept the Recreation Ground is and that we are lucky to have such a fantastic amenity in the Village.

12.       There were no Declarations of interest.

Matters Arising

13.       Emergency Planning -  Mrs Spencer said given her current health she was unable to continue on this Committee.  Mr Dinsdale thanked Mrs Spencer for all she had already done.  In order to move the item on it was resolved that Mr Tebbit and Mrs Handley would take it forward with Mrs Glasse.

14.       Speedwatch - Mr Tebbit invited Mrs Webster to update the meeting on the progress of Speedwatch as she had attended a volunteer training session.  Mrs Webster said the training had taken place on the Harlton Road on a Saturday.  The speedwatch camera measures speed above 35 mph.  Motorists cannot be given points by speedwatch volunteers but would receive an initial warning letter.  If they re-offended another stronger letter would be sent followed by a visit from the Police.  As there were quite a lot of information to be gained during the exercise including registration, make, model and colour of the vehicle at least 3 volunteers were needed initially. 

15.       Livia Fraser, who is leading the Speedwatch campaign, will circulate further information when the when the machine is available for loan to the Eversdens.    Mrs Webster suggested that further information could be placed in Tailcorn. 

16.       Recreation Ground opening :The initial date for carrying out the work on the footpath and opening due for 10th May was postponed due to weather.  It is rescheduled for Tuesday 20th May at 4 pm.  The work to carry out the dropped kerb however needs to be carried out by an approved County contractor.  

17.       Stop B.A.D.   Mr Tebbit attended the above meeting along with representatives from Bourn, Caldecote, Cambourne, Caxton, Dry Drayton. Eltisley, Eversen, Hardwick, Knapwell, Madingley and Toft.  The aim of Stop B.A.D is to employ a transport consultant, funded by the Parishes, to look at the Transport Strategy and to delay the proposal until the infrastructure promised is agreed.   Mr Tebbit had asked the Secretary of Stop B.A.D to inform our Clerk which Power we would contribute under, as yet we are still waiting to hear back.

18.       Cllr Kindersley, in attendance, indicated that the Government Inspector looking at the Transport Strategy may take a closer look at the proposals if several Parish Councils had grouped together to fight their own District Council. 

19.       Mrs Handley proposed that we support Stop B.A.D both in principle and financially.  This was seconded by Ms O'Callaghan and the motion carried.   Mr Dinsdale abstained from voting. 

20.       Cutting of Verges: The Clerk will follow up a previous item regarding the cutting of verges and wild flowers.

Bike Bus  Project

21.       This is a very exciting project that would see a bus, complete with 24 bike trailer travel from Cambridge Railway Station out to Gamlingay and back again 4 times daily on Sundays and Bank Holidays.    Comments were requested by the beginning of June on attractions that could be highlighted along the route.  It was agreed that Councillors would email suggestions to the Clerk and she would then collate, clarify and send to SCDC in time to meet the deadline. 


22.       Payments agreed for

Clerks Pay & Expenses                       £493.93                       LGA 1972 s112(2)

Parish Council Insurance                  £653.99                       LGA 1972 s111

23.       The Accounting Statements for the Parish Council were read by the Clerk and agreed.  The Accounts for 2013/2014 were approved for submission to the External Auditor.


24.       Circulated via email and a leaflet was handed out highlighting the The Velo Festival.  This is a programme of events taking place across Cambridgeshire from May to September celebrating the Tour De France.  The programme features a wide range of community events and activities to get involved in. 

25.       Mrs Spencer reported that the Demand Responsive Transport Scheme will begin on Monday 2nd June and will be known at Service 28.  Mrs Spencer has an informative leaflet and will deliver to all householders in the Eversdens.  Ms O'Callaghan and Mrs Pritchard offered help in delivering the leaflets. 

26.       Mrs Glasse asked for Debrillator to be added to the agenda for June and will provide a proposal to discuss.    She also requested an agenda item to discuss the proposal for a tennis court on the recreation ground in more detail. 

Councillor Reports

27.       Councillor Kindersley's report had been circulated earlier in the month.  He reported that there was little to add but thanked the Council for their continuing support throughout the year.

28.       Councillor Page's report was read, as requested, by the Clerk.  Copies were available to members of the public present and can be requested hereafter from the Clerk.

29.        The Chair indicated he would write to Cllr Page to seek an apology to the Clerk.  Cllr Page had challenged the minutes produced as a misrepresentation of events.   Mr Dalton congratulated the Clerk on producing a difficult set of minutes and this was re-iterated by the Council.

30.       Next Meetings

2nd June and 16th June: Planning, if required at 8 pm.

Monday 30th June at 8 pm Full Parish Council Meeting. 

NB:  Ms O'Callaghan took the opportunity to inform the meeting of a forthcoming Race Night in memorial to John White.  June White had requested the money raised by used towards a replacement noticeboard in Great Eversden   A sketch of the proposed Board was circulated for Councillors to see.  Donations or sponsorship of a race would be welcome from those unable to attend.