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Apologies: Mr Dalton, Mrs Hoar, Mrs Spencer, Cllr Kindersley,

Present:  Mr Dinsdale, Mrs Glasse, Mrs Handley, Ms O'Callaghan, Ms Pritchard and in the Chair, Mr Tebbit.

Minutes of 20th January and Planning minutes of 3rd & 17th February 2014 were approved as a true record.

Public Participation

Miss Sach said she was pleased to announce at the last week's Little Eversden Parish Meeting that trusteeship of the Unknown Donor's Charity has passed to Sue Glasse and Steve Dinsdale and they have been accepted by the Charity Commission.

Mrs Webster informed the meeting that the Mare Way is very wet and asked the Council to keep this in mind and ask Mr Banks to attend to it when the ground has dried out.

Mr Tebbit informed the Council that he was having a delivery of two lorry loads of road planings, free of charge, from SCDC Highways tomorrow.  They would be left at Red House Farm until the ground was drier and then Mr Tebbit would arrange for them to be distributed to FP19 and FP26.

Mrs Handley mentioned that some of the ruts on F26 were over a foot deep and might need hardcore as well as planings.    The diagonal path at Great Eversden near the Church was also suggested as a possible candidate for planings.  Mr Tebbit will speak to Mr Dalton, as Footpath coordinator.

Declarations of Interest

Mrs Glasse declared an interest in Item 13, 35 Lowfields, Little Eversden.

Matters Arising

a)      Emergency Planning: Mrs Glasse reported that this is ongoing.

b)      The Clerk informed the meeting that the Recreation Ground opening at Bucks Lane had been cancelled with South Cambs as they wanted £2k.  It had been agreed at the last meeting if the cost was over £500 we would not proceed.  The Clerk will obtain the plans from South Cambs for future reference.

c)       St Helen's Registration: Miss Sach reported that the transfer from Amber Developments has been completed.  Registration at Land Registry needs completing and the Solicitors will be in touch when this is done. 

d)      Speedwatch: Livia Fraser and The Clerk are pursuing.

e)      Flooding at Wimpole Road: Mr Tebbit reported that he would be putting a recommendation to the Surveyor but needed to know the name of the field owner.  Mrs Webster said she would ring him with the details. 

f)              Demand Responsive Transport: Thanks to Mrs Spencer for for reinstating the Eversdens into  Area C. 

g)      CCTV at Recreation Ground: Mrs Glasse explained that the cost was slightly more than suggested as an improved fixing has been used. 

h)      Defibirillator: The Clerk will check the VAT aspect of the payment. 


The Clerk had received an expression of interest from Matthew Prince to fill the vacancy.  As South Cambs had received no requests to hold an election it was resolved that we would co-opt Mr Prince onto the Council.  Mr Tebbit will make contact. 

Timing of Planning Meetings

Mr Tebbit asked if the timing for the Planning meetings could be changed to 8:00 pm to bring them into line with the timing of other meetings.  The motion was carried.  

Eversden Oil Club

£125 had been generated this year from the Oil Club.  It was agreed that the money would be used towards the extension of the Footpath into the Recreation Ground at Bucks Lane.  Mr Tebbit will accept the cheque on behalf of the Parish Council from Agricole. 

A603/Harlton Eversden Update

Mr Dinsdale informed the meeting that the bid had been granted by the Local Project Delivery Team and was subject to approval by Full Council.

The Council expressed their thanks to Mr Dinsdale for all his efforts.

Standing Orders

It was resolved that the decision to adopt the Standing Orders would be made at the next meeting to allow members time to check the adaptations made to the draft.


Clerks Salary               £467.71                       LGA 1972 s112(2)

CCTV Installation        £999.18                       LGA 1976 s.19

Both payments were agreed.


S/0371/14/FL  35 Lowfields, Little Eversden, CB23 1JH  Mr & Mrs C & S Glasse

Mrs Glasse explained that the plan was to square off the house to extend the kitchen and install and en-suite upstairs.  Nos. 28 and 30 had been spoken to as they were most affected and were content with plans. 

It was resolved that the plans were Approved.

S/0902/13/FL  42 Wimpole Road, Great Eversden

Mr Tebbit explained that these were the drainage arrangements for the property in more detail.  These plans were for information only and no decision was required by the Council.

S/026614FL     16 Lowfields, Little Eversden,CB23 1HJ, Miss Trijintje Holtrop

Following discussion it agreed that this would cause material harm to No 18 due to the size and siting of the garage, especially if the existing shed is to remain.  This will also cause heavy shading to one side of No 18. 

It was resolved that the decision would be No Recommendation together with the above comment.


Councillor Sebastian Kindersley sent his apologies and forwarded his latest report to the Clerk for circulation to the Council.

No report was received from Councillor Robin Page.

Date of Next Meetings

Housing Needs Survey Report: Monday 17th March at 7pm in the Village Hall

Monday 31st March at 8 pm, Planning (if required).

Monday 7th April Great Eversden Parish Meeting at 8 pm

Monday 14th April, Full Parish Council Meeting