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Photos 150203-Field Entrance

Published on February 22nd, 2015 | by Shelagh Bidwell


County Wildlife Site in Great Eversden

The meadow is to be found behind the long hedge that runs beside the High Street in Great Eversden travelling west out of the village between Fulbrook House and Manor Farm. The 4 acre meadow is one of 358 County Wildlife Sites in Cambridgeshire that have been recognised by The Wildlife Trust as being especially important for wildlife, including plants, insects, birds, mammals and all ‘biodiversity’. Two public footpaths cross the meadow so anyone can explore the flora and fauna.  Lindi Wood

 Photographs by Anna and Shelagh

To see a larger image (and some plant names, see it’s tab),  click on a picture.

150203-Field Entrance 141106-Frost140313-Morning Dew20140503_193559  140910-Red Clover 140910-Ragwort 140910-Knapweed 140910-Hawthorn Berries 140907-Fleabane 140907-Clover 140717-Spiny Restharrow 140717-Agrimony   140608-Yellow Rattle 140608-Variety of grasses 140608-Ox Eye Daisy-Buttercups 140608-Meadow Cranesbill 140608-Hogweed 140608-Hedge Woundwort 140608-Goatsbeard 140608-Goatsbeard Seed Head 140608-Field-067 140608-Field-062 140608-Field 140608-Cut Leaved Cranesbill 140608-Buff Tailed Bumblebee 140608-Birdsfoot Trefoil 140507-Red Clover 140507-Field-064 140507-Field-057 140507-Field-035 140507-Field-015 140507-Field-014 140507-Cowslip 140507-Buttercup 140507-3stages of Dandelion 140710-FieldSunset-006140710-FieldSunset-001141106-Field Entrance

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