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Information Jill having investigated the fibre optics is no longer on the case

Published on August 16th, 2014 | by admin


Glory be!
Jill spots the first signs of decent broadband coming to the Eversdens

Fibre Optic cables are on the way! PROGRESS. Flooded boxes mean contractors are needed. But things are happening. Work began at 7am – 29th April 2014.
Thanks, Jill Marshall, and stay on the case!

Update (15/08/14):
Hot News – some ten minutes ago the fibre optic cable was pulled through the last remaining stretch along Harlton Road, which the engineers had to abandon during the previous night, apparently due to a blockage. (Jill Marshall).

According to the Connecting Cambridgeshire website the cabinets in Harlton road are due to go live at the end of September 2014. Let’s hope this is not a false promise. (John Young)

According to the website :
“It is now confirmed that fibre cabinets bringing superfast broadband will be upgraded by September 2014″. 

Photos from 15th August 2014:


Here comes the fibre optic cable


Jill having investigated the fibre optics is no longer on the case

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.05.44

Photos from 29th April 2014:
jm02a jm01ajm03a


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