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All the front pages   Here you may browse among all the pictures used on the front page of the old website from 2005 to 2013. Usually a topical snippet is included. How soon we forget - all those far-away disasters as well as local weather extremes.   History    From Roman times to the recent past, here are some items and features of the Eversdens through the ages. This section adds some local stories and fond memories to the formal pages of British History on Line.
Scenes   This takes you to the index of pictures of the Eversdens. All the seasons are here. Sometimes it is just a half-hour stroll, sometimes a moment, sometimes a snapshot of a day.   Players    Do you want to know how it all started for the Eversden Players? Their history is preserved here along with photographs, programmes, and posters of (almost) every past production. You need and hour or two for this section.
Events    Not every social event that took place in the Eversdens was recorded. Many were. Here you will find not only some of the annual events like the Nativity plays but also some rarer occasions like the village celebration of a royal wedding - and much more.   Churches    This section gathers together images of much of the restoration work on the churches and the story of the bells of St Helen's. Pictures of the rebuilding of St Mary's wall and some other events can be seen in Scenes.
Features    This section preserves many one-off features that seemed to fit no specific category. Jill Marshall provided so much material that she was given a slot of her own here. Others, too, contributed. Curious browsers will find much to enjoy.   About the Archive    From this page you can find out how and why the Eversdens website started back in 2000 and how it came to David Farnell in 2005. You can also read how the website came to be preserved as an archive of Eversdens life and landscapes 2000 to 2014.
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