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Bob Scratchitt - a clerk                          Tony Richford
Ebenezer Scrooge - a businessman   Giles Kingsley-Pallant
Charles - Scrooge’s nephew                Syd Walker
Catherine – Charles’s wife                    Lorraine Bidwell
Lottie – Scrooge’s housekeeper          Carol Piggott
Jacob Biscuit – Scrooge’s ex-partner Bob Beynon
Molly Scratchitt – Bob’s wife                 Lynn Richford
Tiny Tim – Bob’s son                            Hayley Kingsley-Pallant
Young Scrooge - Scrooge as a young man       Emma Edgley
Lily Lovelyboss – Scrooge’s fiancée  Hayley Kingsley-Pallant
Sharon – Lily’s friend                             Jane Miller
Citizen 1 – a townsperson                     Lynne Clark
Citizen 2 – another townsperson          Kieran O’Callaghan
Boy – a street urchin                              Emma Edgley
Ghosts of Christmas Past & Present   Eddie White
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come          Neville Bidwell

Production Team

       Director                               Lynn Chiswell
       Assistant                             Tony Richford
       Sets                                     Dan Walmsley
       Costumes and Make-up     Pat Walmsley
       Assistant                              Pat Walden
       Stage Manager                   Mary Walsh Chris Brown
       Props                                   Neville Bidwell
       Lighting                                Jeff Hasell
       Sound                                   Robin Clarke
       Publicity                                Val Farnell
       Front of House                     Terry Osborne   Paul Tebbit
       Bar                  Margaret Tebbit & Susie Bidwell
       Stage Crew                          Eversden Players

- with thanks to all the friends who helped

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