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Ophelia                         Victoria Bidwell
Dr Frank N Stein         Giles Kingsley-Pallant
Dame Bloodengutz     Emma Edgley
Igor                                Barry Mullins
Boris                              Kieran O’Callaghan
Bertha                           Carol Piggott
Dracula                         Dan Walmsley
Bride of Dracula          Lorraine Bidwell
Werewolf                      Syd Walker
Monster                        Bob Beynon
Chorus:      Neville Bidwell, Susie Bidwell, Lynne Clark


Director                         Lynn Chiswell
                                       -assisted by The Players
Sets                               Dan Walmsley
Props                             Neville Bidwell
Costume & Make-up   Pat Walmsley
Assistant                       Pat Walden
Stage Manager            Susie Bidwell
Assistant                       Eleanor Pasfield
Lighting                         Jeff Hasell
Sound                            Sue Poll
Music/Dance                 Lynne Clark
Publicity                         Val Farnell
Front of House              Terry Osborne
Stage Crew                   Eversden Players