Players Index
The Ice Queen                              Carol Piggott
Prod the Goblin                              Lynne Clark
Old Mother Black                           Bob Beynon
Snow White                             Lorraine Bidwell
Rose Red                           Kieran O’Callaghan

Jolly                                         Emma Edgley
Grouchy                                     Lynn Richford
Creative                                     Lynn Chiswell
Keith - a regular dwarf                     Jane Miller

Prince Charming                          Eddie White
The Magic Mirror            Giles Kingsley-Pallant

Neville Bidwell, Dan Walmsley,
Tony Richford, Mike Nathan

Production Team
Directors           Neville Bidwell Dan Walmsley
Scenery                                  Dan Walmsley
Props                                      Neville Bidwell
Costumes & Make-up               Pat Walmsley
Stage Manager                          Susie Bidwell
Sound                                         Chris Brown
Lighting                                       Geoff Hasell
Scene shifters        Terry Osborne Sue Cooper
Publicity                                       Val Farnell
Front of House                         Terry Osborne
Bar                             Paul & Margaret Tebbit

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