Melons at the Parsonage

Ted, Adjudicator - Giles Kingsley-Pallant

Iris, Chairperson - Carol Piggott

Vicar - Paul Tebbitt

Maid - Lorraine Bidwell

Spinster - Lynn Chiswell

One - Lynne Clark

Two - Robert M Lloyd Parry

Three - Emma Edgeley

Director - Carol Piggott

Last Tango in Eversden

Gordon - Robert M Lloyd Parry

Bernard - Dan Walmsley

Joyce - Emma Edgeley

Margaret - Lynne Clark

Director - Lynne Clarke

Tony Richford paid tribute to John and Elaine from the Village Stores. John and Elaine have had to give up their prolonged search to find a buyer who will run the shop. Their support over the years as box office and refreshment services on the night has been greatly appreciated. This loss, in addition to the more obvious great loss to the village, will be deeply felt. The Eversden Players wish them well in their new phase.

Frantic Jam performing "Iris"

Two short plays on the theme of local Drama Groups. Both hilarious. Competition gets out of hand in the first and in the second desperate measures are taken to bring in the punters. Great performances across the board and enthusiastic audience participation! Celebrations continued in The Hoops.

"Gordon", "Bernard", and "Margaret" "Joyce"

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