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Mrs. Gagarin - Lynn Richford

Mr. Gagarin - Dan Walmsley

Sergeant Plod - Lynne Clark

Inspector Drake - Eddie White

Miss Duck - Carol Piggott

Mr. Butler - Giles Kingsley-Pallant

Mr. Guest - David Ellis

Mr. Cook - Bob Beynon

Mrs. Gardner - Emma Edgley

Mary Ship - Lorraine Bidwell

Stretcher-bearers and Mr and Mrs Kemist

 - Lynn Chiswell & Nenille Bidwell


Production Team

Director - Tony Richford

Set - The Players

Stage Manager/Props - Lynn Chiswell

Costumes & Make-up - Pat Walmsley

Lighting - Geoff Hasell

Sound - Victoria Bidwell

Publicity - Val Farnell

Front of House - Terry Osborne

Eddie White as the hapless Inspector Drake

"Evenin' all.... No-one could have foreseen the strange events that took place one dark Spring evening at the home of the elderly Mrs Gagarin and her son Victor. Indeed, it took the world's greatest detective to unravel the complexities of that foul and most unnatural.....MURDER!"  The Eversden Players brought out the full "lunatic potential" of this comedy whodunit. A near sell-out as usual.