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Countess Vampira - Lynne Clark

Floss, the Tooth Fairy - Lynn Richford

Hans Von Spentall, innkeeper - Bob Beynon

Liesl, his lovely daughter - Emma Edgley

Count Vladimir XIII - Eddie White

Donner, henchperson to Vampira - Lynn Chiswell

Blitzen, henchperson to Vampira - Giles Kingsley-Farrant

Sir Toby Jugg, gentleman - Tony Richford

Crystal Jugg, his beautiful daughter - Lorraine Bidwell

Bertie Boots, Sir Toby's valet - Carol Piggott

Baskerville, Sir Toby's faithful hound - Victoria Bidwell

Miss Flora Bundy, nanny to Crvstal - Robert Lloyd Parry

Fang, a tiny vampire bat - Charlotte Bidwell



Jane Miller  Neville Bidwell



Beth Hardy  Charlotte Bidwell  Lucy Phelan  Melissa Heeley

Production Team

Director - Neville Bidwell

Set design - Dan Walmsley

Assistant - Terry Osborne

Lighting - David Ellis

Sound - Richard Broad

Costume and Make-up - Pat Walmsley

Stage Manager - Susie Bidwell

Musical Director - Val Farnell

Choreographer - Jane Miller

Publicity - Val Farnell

Front of House - Terry Osborne

Bar - Peggy and Alan Fisher


Letter received from the author,


Peta Duncombe


26th November 2005



"Hello to all the Eversden Players!


A card is on the way c/o Susie, but I'd just like to send a message to everyone in thanks for such a wonderful evening last Saturday.  I thoroughly enjoyed your performance of 'Dracula'  and it was lovely to be made so welcome.   I always enjoy community productions of my scripts  far more than professional stagings - I love the atmosphere of a community performance, the local jokes and the differing interpretations of the characters - plus the wonderful costumes, props and sets that amateur companies conjure on such tiny budgets.  Susie told me that you'd all enjoyed doing the show and that really is why I write pantomimes, because they're such a lovely way of bringing people together and having fun!

Thank you again!

With warm regards,