Goff - Bob Beynon

Margaret - Lynne Clark

Helen - Emma Edgley

Martin - Eddie White

Fiona - Lynn Chiswell

Jimmy - Paul Tebbit

Chapman - Tony Richford

Monica - Lynn Richford

Kathy - Carol Piggott

Crispin - Robert Lloyd Parry

Pat - Lorraine Bidwell

Bernie - Claire Fordham

Production team

Director - Edmund Sides

Stage Manager - Susie Bidwell

Set Designer - Neville Bidwell

Lighting - David Ellis

assisted by Anthony Marshall

Sara Williams

Sound - Margaret Tebbit

Richard Tebbit

Costumes & Make-up - Pat Walmsley

Publicity - Val Farnell

Front of House - Terry Osborne


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After Comfort and Joy the Eversden Players gave 200 to The Friends of The Eversden Churches.