Cast  Hairy Godmother - Eddie White

Cinderella - Emma Edgley

Dotty - Dan Walmsley

Potty - Bob Beynon

Prince Charming - Lorraine Bidwell

Dandini - Lynn Chiswell

Baron Hardup - Giles Kingsley-Pallant

Baroness Hardup - Lynn Richford

Buttons - Lynne Clark

  Chorus - Margaret Tebbit, Victoria Bidwell 

Edmund Sides, Paul Tebbit, Neville Bidwell




Production Team   Director - Tony Richford

Wardrobe - Pat Walmsley

Assistant - Sue Cooper

Lighting - David Ellis

Stage Manager - Kate Hayes

Sound - Richard Broad

Publicity - Val Farnell

Stage Settings - Kate Hayes David Ellis

Dan Walmsley

Front of House - Terry Osborne

Bar - John Sharpe Elaine Betts

After Cinders the Eversden Players gave 500 to The Eversdens Village Hall.

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