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"Paul Reakes' Camelot is a hilarious world of magical adventure - an Arthurian tale with a twist."

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King Arthur                   Tony Richford

Queen Guinevere        Bob Beynon

Merlin                            Eddie White

Sir Lancelot                  Lorraine Bidwell

Squirt                             Giles Kingsley-Pallant             

Olivia                              Emma Edgley

Morgana                        Lynn Chiswell

Mordred                         Dan Walmsley

Sally Simple                  Carol Piggott

Smoulder                       Charlotte Bidwell

Large Dragon                Victoria Bidwell

Page                               Jane Miller

Chorus                            Neville Bidwell    Lynne Clark

                                         Margaret Tebbit   Lynn Richford


Director                              Neville Bidwell

Wardrobe & Make-up       Pat Walmsley

Dragon Costumes            Lynn Richford

Stage Manager                 Susie Bidwell

Props                                  Neville & Susie

Lighting                              Geoff  Hasell

Sound                                Chris Miller

Publicity                             Val Farnell

Stage set & scenery         Dan Walmsley

assisted by                        Terry Osborne

Front of House                  Terry Osborne

Bar                                      Paul Tebbit

                                            John White