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Terry Osborne is not strictly speaking an Eversden person. However, he and his wife Valerie have long association with The Eversdens - not least through many friends, faithful patronage of The Hoops for several decades, and many years of active service for the Cricket Club where Terry was a player, youth coach,  groundsman, and is now Club President and a regular spectator.

In 2005 Terry decided to set down an account of the early years of his life from his birth during the Blitz through to his marriage to his Boss's daughter in Kingston. It describes the impact of war on a young boy and recollects aspects of village life and farming long gone and in danger of being forgotten.

It was my privilege to do some editing in its early stages  without interfering with the rich narrative of Terry's "voice". There are several bound copies in circulation but Terry has kindly agreed to have his work freely available for you to read on The Eversdens Website. It is warmly recommended. (DF)

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Terry Osborne My Life


Terry Osborne

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